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By The Reverend Published: May 25, 2008

The Brokeback Beacon Journal continues on it's broken ways.

I'm certain that Brokeback's editors have an extremely difficult decision each day, you know, deciding which establishment-right talking point to exploit on their front pages in hopes, I suppose, of damaging any potential "change" candidate's chances of becoming president.

Two specific points.

1) Today's above the fold story is titled, "Marriage for gays returning to political forefront." To which I it really? The Brokeback Beacon may have a bit of wishful thinking going on here.

The Beacon editors chose to endorse Hillary Clinton as the Democratic candidate and John McCain as the GOP candidate for this November's presidential election. And just like in the movie, "Brokeback Mountain" the Beacon "just can't quit" Hillary.....even though it's now apparent that she will not become the Democratic nominee. Now, as The Reverend has predicted, the Brokeback Beacon has begun to move in the direction of John McCain.

Today's Brokeback front pager attempts to exhume the skeletons of the 2004 national hatefest of 23 state referendums placing gays in permanent inferior class status in those states, and proceeds to beg the question (in my opinion)....can life be breathed into these dead, gay bashing, bones in time to prevent Barack Obama from becoming president? The Brokeback Beacon Journal just can't quit the status quo of intolerance, hate and division......particularly when their endorsed presidential candidate has been rejected.

The question for me is this....what's the purpose of this front page article?

Read Brokeback's front pager here.

2) Recently the Brokeback Beacon had an Obama Day. I counted 5 specific articles that day repeatedly regurgitating Jeremiah Wright's association with Barack Obama. Over the past week, John McCain's endorsements by the Rev. John Hagee and the Rev. Rod Parsley have been rejected by McCain as a result of the two reverends more imaginative hate speech. Here's the two paragraph mention in Brokeback Beacon's reprint today of a NY Times piece by Adam Nagourney...

Last week, McCain rejected a months-old endorsement from the Rev. John Hagee, a popular Texas pastor and televangelist, after an audio recording from the late 1990s surfaced in which Hagee suggested God sent Adolf Hitler to help Jews reach the promised land. The preacher's rants against Roman Catholicism already had spurred some critics to call on McCain to distance himself from Hagee.

McCain on Thursday also rejected the endorsement of Columbus-area megachurch pastor Rod Parsley, who has sharply criticized Islam and called the religion inherently violent. Link

You see.....despite the fact that McCain COURTED these two reverends to get their endorsements, a fact never mentioned in the piece, Hagee's McCain endorsement is only "months-old". Despite the fact that Hagee says in one of his imaginative sermons that god raised up Hitler and the Nazis to be "hunters" of the Jews.....the Brokeback Beacon's cherry-picked NY Times softball piece says..."Hagee suggested God sent Adolf Hitler to help Jews reach the promised land." A more misleading sentence could not have been constructed.

Despite the fact that Ohio's own (to it's disgrace), Rod Parsley, specifically said that America was raised up, at least in part, to "destroy" Islam.....Brokeback's piece says, "Parsley, who has sharply criticized Islam and called the religion inherently violent."

Two paragraphs, paragraphs of the softest and kindest spin-kind, to help soften any connection McCain had to these two hatemonger preachers. Hatemonger preachers whom McCain specifically sought out for their endorsements and was "honored" and "pleased", before he wasn't, to receive.

Two paragraphs.....when on Brokeback's "Obama Day" there were FIVE complete articles about Wright/Obama and huge pictures of the Illinois Senator's former pastor.

Frankly.....there is no other way to characterize the Akron Beacon Journal's behavior here. They are demonstrating clearly their "can't quit you" love for the establishment-right status quo candidates. The same status quo candidates who have led the nation to the brink of collapse. Brokeback Beacon will continue to practice their double standard during the general election campaign.....cherry picking for just those articles that minimize McCain's terrible and numerous weaknesses while at the same time leaving no stone unturned in their search for anything to stop a non-establishment-right candidate from leading our nation out of the deep hole.....the deep hole that this same establishment-right has dug for all of us.



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