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Reviewing the "Rage"

By The Reverend Published: August 12, 2009

The profound wisdom of Duncan Black, aka, Atrios....

"Nobody could've predicted that electing a black man president would drive this country completely f*cking insane."

The milder, less abrasive thoughtfulness of today's AB Journal editorialist....

"The furor at town-hall meetings has been revealing. It has exposed a disturbing depth of ignorance regarding the national structure of health care."

Are the swastikas, the shouting, the rudeness, the guns, the bitter signs, and all the rest of the nonsense surrounding health care reform "town halls"..... evidence of ignorance....or are they evidence of bigotry?

There are those who would argue that the staged and orchestrated brutishness we're all witnessing in and around the health care reform "town hall" meetings is a result of legitimate anger, rage even. I heard Wall Street Journal writer, Stephen Moore, say as much on Tweety's show last night. Moore said that liberals were not appreciating the depth and breadth of the rage out there in the grassroots over the "direction" in which Obama and the Democrats were taking the country.

The town hall bust-ups are simply a retread of the rage-filled Tea Party "protests"....

From The Reverend's April 15th, 2009 blog post....

' Cavuto (of Fox) is telling me the Sacramento protestors are protesting a state tax increase. "The rage is palpable and the rage is everywhere." Now it's rage.'

On April 8, 2009, I included a link to photos of several Tea Parties. I think it's helpful for today's discussions about town hall bust-ups to review those pictures.

This, from a 2/27/09 Cleveland Tea Party, is also indicative of what the "rage", the "passion" is all about....

But the alleged rage started back during the presidential campaign. That "rage", or bigotry, (you decide), was in full flower especially at Sarah Palin rallies last fall. Take a look....from Strongsville, Ohio....

See the theme here? The "rage" is not over government spending....or tax rates.....or deficits....or any of the flimsy excuses laid down by oh-so-serious conservatives and libertarians.

The rage, the passion has been caused by the man, now the president, Barack Obama. He is a black man. He is a Democrat. And that's what the bust-ups of health reform town halls are all about.

It won't matter what the issue, policy or topic is......the rage we've seen from before the election, the rage we see at the Tea Parties, and the rage we see at the town hall bust-ups.....will be repeated over and over BECAUSE.....America elected a black Democratic president.

It really ain't that complicated.



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