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Reviewing The Rage, Part 2

By The Reverend Published: August 30, 2009

On August 12, I wrote this....

The "rage" is not over government spending….or tax rates…..or deficits….or any of the flimsy excuses laid down by oh-so-serious conservatives and libertarians.

The rage, the passion has been caused by the man, now the president, Barack Obama. He is a black man. He is a Democrat. And that's what the bust-ups of health reform town halls are all about.

It won't matter what the issue, policy or topic is……the rage we've seen from before the election, the rage we see at the Tea Parties, and the rage we see at the town hall bust-ups…..will be repeated over and over BECAUSE…..America elected a black Democratic president.

It really ain't that complicated.

Yesterday, Digby reminded her readers about this from one of President Chuck Grassley's town halls....

President Barack Obama is a fascist.

This and other assertions flew through an emotionally-charged town hall meeting conducted by Sen. Chuck Grassley Monday in Pocahontas.

"The president of the United States, that's who you should be concerned about. Because he's acting like a little Hitler," said Tom Eisenhower, a World War II veteran. "I'd take a gun to Washington if enough of you would go with me."

And then Digby channels The Reverend....

Why is it that these people keep alluding to shooting Obama all the time? (And why doesn't anyone give a damn?) Are they so far gone that they really believe that potential government spending requires them to start shooting? Seriously, nobody's taxes have gone up. Nobody's. The recession was already a year old when Obama took office and Bush spent a huge surplus on tax cuts for rich people which these fools all applauded like trained seals.

So they are not very convincing when they try to say that their violent rhetoric is based upon some abstract fear of deficits and socialism. Nothing that Obama has done so far can possibly justify the wild-eyed, slavering, full blown lunacy we are seeing at these town halls.

The simple truth is that they are all a bunch of self-centered, childish sore losermen who refuse to accept that a Democrat won the presidency. And for at least some of them, the fact that a black Democrat won the presidency has obviously sent them around the bend. They are in the grip of a powerful reckoning in which it turns out that most Americans don't actually agree with their cramped worldview. Hence the crack-up.

That is exactly right.

However, 4th estate representatives just can't see it. Check this out from McClatchy's Steven Thomma in today's Beacon Journal...

"Finger pointing and yelling at town hall meetings this summer are signs of a country that's been building toward a boiling point for several years, stressed by a quickly changing economy, a flood of immigration and threats at home by terrorists.

It's a land at turns frustrated and irate at a government that led its people into an unpopular war, proved itself inept at helping its citizens in a disastrous hurricane, presided over a historic economic collapse, then went on a spending spree that could commit the country to decades of crushing debt."

For Thomma, it's all just one big grab bag of frustration and resentment towards government. Even though no town hall bust-ups with crazies bearing guns was ever witnessed during the last administration, no nationally organized parties of protests over a Republican controlled federal government doubling the national debt in 8 short years were ever held, or even considered, Thomma, recent conservative expressions of bitter hatred and rage over health care and spending under 8 months of Obama is all part and parcel of the same American distaste and frustration with government, which periodically and with no comprehensible pattern, just randomly appears on the national scene.

Clueless is not the correct word to describe Thomma's purposely dishonest piece of rubbish. Look at how he tiptoes around, hoping the reader won't notice what he's doing....

"This anger is more focused on the federal government, a resurgence of the hostility toward the government that started with Vietnam in the 1960s and Watergate in the 1970s, faded in the 1980s, resurfaced in the early 1990s and then faded away again."

See....the hippies who thought the federal government shouldn't recklessly murder 58,000 U.S. soldiers.....for no reason,.....those who wanted to see the second most lawless president in American history held accountable for his lawlessness.....were simply a piece of the whole. The whole being that Americans typically are frustrated and angry at their government. Nothing unusual.

But that frustration and anger...."faded in the 80's, resurfaced in the early 90's and then faded away again", says Thomma.....without providing any context whatsoever. In the 80's America saw Republican presidents, but in the 90's we had President Clinton, then in the 00's when we had another Republican president, public anger "faded again."

That's the story, Mr Thomma. During Democratic presidents, conservative ragers, the same ragers who slumber during Republican presidents, you know, are angrily awakened. That's the story. Not that Americans are, you know, randomly enraged at government in undetectable cycles.

Thomma, like most Village writers and conservative commenters, simply cannot tell the truth about the reality staring all of us in the face.

In modern history, when Republicans have been elected president, very little mass displays of rage and vicious, hatefilled anger was ever organized on a national basis against the government. During the 90's and now once again with Obama, the uncontrollable rage has returned.

The message of this madness is simple, as Digby and I have clearly outlined. A Democrat has been elected president, a black man with progressive solutions for America's future. A future that conservatives have never wanted any part of.....ever.

Thus, the manufactured rage.

Extra credit: The "Kraut" puts on his most cynical hat and taunts all those who think health care reform can be accomplished in America. An article which features the bastardly, bitterness of Mr. Krauthammer, the Very Serious Journalist whom the AB Journal dearly loves.



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