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Rick And Rubio

By The Reverend Published: August 26, 2011

Sounds like a sitcom title....Rick and Rubio, premiering next fall,...or maybe not.

Governor Rick Perry of the Lonesome State of Texas is a throwback. You know, gunslinging, horse riding, boot-wearing, West Texas-drawling kind of a Cowpoke. He ain't like them slickster guys in the northeast....not Governor Rick.

Governor Rick is an all-in kind of guy.....

...the vaunted New Deal did not bring the country out of the Great Depression, but the bigger problem now is that its numerous programs never died, and like a bad disease, they have spread.

Tell your aging mother or grandmother that those Social Security checks and those Medicare cards are like a "bad disease", and see what the response is. Tell Americans whose money is guaranteed by FDIC when placed in banks, tell them that FDIC guarantees are a "bad disease". Tell that young family that is relying on that unemployment check just to get by until something turns up....tell them that check is part of a broader "bad disease" plaguing our country.

Do you know what is plaguing our nation like some bad disease? Dishonest political dumbasses trying to appeal to an even dumber, though more passionate, band of wandering-in-their-own-wilderness constituents either accessorized with teabags or wearing a "Don't Tread On Me tee-shirt". That's what is plaguing our nation like some bad disease. Not granny's Social Security check. Jesus.

"the vaunted New Deal".....Governor Rick uses "vaunted" in a smartass, sarcastic kind of if the hundreds of millions of Americans who hold Social Security and Medicare in very high regard have, somehow, been duped...or hypnotized into believing that those programs are not only good for seniors, but also good for the country. What a putz this guy is.

And by the way, what brought us out of the Great Depression was massive deficit spending by the federal government to fuel WW2. Government spending....the stuff of the "bad disease" from Roosevelt's era.

The New Deal set the stage for our most successful economic period...from the 1950's to the 1970's. It has, or I guess I should say, had, been the backbone for the growth of what is often called America's middle class. FDIC, banking regulations, SS, unemployment insurance....these were good things for America.....and Perry has the gumption to dismiss all of that as some "bad disease."

But then there's the Chosen One, .....likely 2016 GOP presidential candidate, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) who is being highly touted as the GOP vice-presidential candidate for 2012. Rubio thinks that Americans, especially American seniors, are a bunch of punkasses. Weaklings. No kidding. The Senator wants all you retired folks out there to know that down in Florida, you gimpy, worthless seniors, who all the time depend on those Social Security checks for medicine and food, are just weak, perhaps coddled.


"Except for the Reagan Administration, to be quite frank, both Republicans and Democrats established a role for government in America that said yes we will have a free economy, but we will also have a strong government, which through regulations and taxes will control the free economy, and through a series of government programs, will take care of those in our society who are falling behind. That was the vision crafted in the 20th Century by our leaders."


"These programs weakened us as a people."

Let's cut Senator Rubio some slack and critique his words from a "weakened us as a people" because the-New-Deal-programs-cost-too-much perspective. Is that really true? Social Security is good to go through 2038 as is. Medicare costs will come down if all of the provisions of the Obama Care package aren't stripped out. Even in this record recession, Medicare is good for 10 more years as is.

No Young Marco....what weakened us was 2 deep and historic tax cuts which starved the national government of revenue at a time when Full-Metal-Jacket U.S. wars were going on all over the the same time that the deregulated criminals, who conduct legal grand larceny daily on Wall Street, shot their entire "gambling with other people's money" wad in a mighty mortgage meltdown mushroom cloud still covering the my Young ain't the New Deal which dun "weakened the nation"'s corporate bootlickers, like you, who are "weakening the nation".

It's rabidly conservative GOP politicians, like Perry and Rubio, who are weakening the United States. They stand up and boast in their cocky fashions about already-proven-to-be-failed supply side voodoo bullsh*t, the same bullsh*t which exploded over all Americans recently reducing everyone's standard of living. The two GOP'ers have no respect for the New Deal. No respect or comprehension of how loved Franklin Roosevelt was by the American people because of his New Deal safety net. The two GOP governors dismiss the rock-solid-ness of the New Deal provisions, as if their high-flying corporate servanthood style of governing has done anything recently but, yes, weaken, the plight of the already-struggling.

Calling government programs....which tens of millions of seniors depend upon every day of their lives...calling them a "bad disease" and spouting off that New Deal programs like Social Security and unemployment insurance have "weakened" us as a nation is not only dumb politics but an amazing display of ignorance of how Americans live and on what they depend.



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