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Romney...."Get Teacher Unions Out"

By The Reverend Published: April 17, 2012

Mitt Romney, on Fox (where else?), a month ago....

".....the role I see that ought to remain in the president's agenda with regards to education is to push back against the federal teachers unions. Those federal teachers unions have too much power, in some cases, they overwhelm the states, they overwhelm the local school districts. We have got to put the kids first and put these teacher's unions behind.

I support the principle of having states test their kids, and one of the things President Bush did that I supported, and I did support No Child Left Behind and do support continuing to test our kids. I want to know which school districts are succeeding and which ones are failing and where they are failing. I want there to be action taken to get the teacher union's out and to get the kids once again receiving the education they need."

When it comes to teachers unions, Mitt Romney is simply a much richer version of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Wallker and Ohio Governor John Kasich, as well as other GOP governors, conspired to do damage to Democrat-supporting teachers unions the moment they were sworn into office. Local Ohio Tea Party leaders stated openly that SB5 was an effort to hurt teachers unions. Teachers unions which support Democratic policies and candidates. Passing SB5 in Ohio was seen by Tea Party members as a means to their desired end of removing Obama and Sherrod Brown from office.

What I find interesting in Romney's comments about ending teachers unions, how Mitt regards No Child Left Behind. When George W. Bush pushed No Child Left Behind, I was skeptical of it's purpose. Now, my skepticism has been confirmed by the GOP presidential nominee. I always saw the intent of No Child Left Behind as a vehicle to eliminate teachers unions. The testing of all students was seen by union-hating conservatives as a means for removing teachers unions. Students do poorly on standardized testing.....obviously it is all the union teachers fault....which equals a takeover of that school by higher authorities and a phasing out of the teachers union. No Child Left Behind was just Ohio's SB5 writ large.

And that is, apparently, how Mitt Romney comprehends No Child Left Behind as well. Although Romney is toying with the idea of eliminating the Department of Education altogether, saying that the federal government has no business dictating a state responsibility...K-12 education.....the presidential candidate does think the federal government should "test our kids" to find out which school districts are failing and which ones are succeeding. Big Government.....just Big Government for a good political cause. What is that cause? "I want there to be action taken to get teacher union's out..."

Romney understands. He gets it. Policy is for the purpose of doing damage to your political opponents. Romney completely gets that No Child Left Behind....a totally worthless piece of for the purpose of getting rid of teachers unions. That was the very reason Republicans, during Bush, passed such a miserable piece of wasteful legislation. SB5 in Ohio was for the purpose of crippling, or eliminating, public unions altogether. Scott Walker DID kill public unions in Wisconsin.....and presidential candidate Romney now wants to eliminate teachers unions in all states. Looks like a theme.

Union members generally support Democrats and Democratic causes. Doing damage to unions by outlawing them, limiting them, singling them out for for the sole purpose of increasing Republican electoral prospects. Yes, it's as simple as that.

All that to get to this....Ohio is a swing state. Public sector union workers rose up....rightfully...and organized Ohio voters to vote against SB5 62-38%....essentially spanking John Kasich's behind and making him stand in the corner. What Kasich attempted, and what Walker what Mitt Romney wants to do in all states. "I want there to be action taken to get the teachers union out..."

Just like Kasich, Walker, Daniels in Indiana, Snyder in Michigan and Scott in Florida.....Mitt Romney wants to go after average middle class working families. He wants to do damage to the economic prospects of our neighbors. Why? Because the worker unions they belong to support the Democratic Party. Yes, it's a sad and sick commentary on the GOP and the GOP's presidential candidate....but nothing unexpected.



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