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Romney's Anti-American Speech On Religion, Part 1

By The Reverend Published: December 8, 2007

It was supposed to be a clarification speech about Mitt Romney's Mormon faith. Romney is one of the frontrunner's in the GOP presidential candidacy race. Because the Republican Party is "owned by the evangelicals" now (according to the now deceased Jerry Falwell), and Mormonism is regarded as a cult by most Desi used to say about Lucy....Mitt had "some explainin" to do. That "explainin" about the Mormon faith was supposed to be the focus of Romney's speech.

It wasn't.

Mitt Romney, as he has done with every issue and every question thus far, simply pandered to the whacko, anti-American mindset of the theocracy crowd. The speech should have been regarded as an embarassment to all those who believe in the American Constitution and the separation of church and state. What his speech did was further divide. That's what religion invariably does, and in fact, why it exists at all. To divide.

Let's review a few lines of the pander session....

"Freedom requires religion just as religion requires freedom. Freedom opens the windows of the soul so that man can discover his most profound beliefs and commune with God. Freedom and religion endure together, or perish alone."

Romney is the guy who wants to "double Guantanomo"....remember? He wants to really get after all those "Islamofascists". By saying "freedom requires religion", Mitt Romney aligns himself with rhetoric Ahmadinajab, the Iranian president, would agree with. Theocratic Muslims also believe "freedom requires religion".

There's nothing that can be said to fully wash out the nonsense in the statement, "freedom requires religion". Religion is the antithesis of freedom. Religion not only enslaves it's adherents to the bondage of superstition, supernaturalism and a fantastical cosmic legal fairy tale called "salvation", but with evangelical religion in particular, it enslaves it's adherents to an exclusivistic mindset that openly seeks to divide the "sheep from the goats" here on earth. Those who believe are in.....those who don't, aren't.

That's not freedom.....that is hate and bondage to hate. Exactly what we've heard pouring out of the mouths of evangelicals ever since the Moral Majority laced up it's divisive political-action boots.

In the New Testament, Jesus said he was the "truth" and that "truth" sets people free. That familiar line, in context, was directed at very devoutly religious people who pored over every punctuation mark found in their religion. Those Jewish religion leaders were nothing if they weren't religious. Did their Pharisaical religion bring freedom to it's adherents? Not at all. Just the opposite. The Jewish religion was a religion of bondage, like all religions. Fundamentalist evangelicalism and fundamentalist Islam are our modern day versions of the religion of the Pharisees of Jesus' time.

Jesus' message, if indeed there was a Jesus, was that caring for those around you, particularly the downtrodden, was the "end of the law". The end of religion. Dogma, creeds, taboos, intolerance, liturgy, tithing, praying...all that defines religion was not "truth". The example of love seen in Jesus was "truth". That "truth" sets people free.

Mitt Romney sees it just like the pharisees of old did. He says "freedom requires religion"....while Jesus said that his way was the end of religion. Far from saying "freedom requires religion", Jesus said freedom and religion are antithetical.

But then, Jesus was not a panderer.

Entire Romney speech here.



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