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Ron Paul Calls Out The Republican Party

By The Reverend Published: January 14, 2008


In the FOX GOP "debate" on 1-10-08, Carl Cameron asks the candidates about the so-called Reagan Coaltion of voter groups supporting the Republican Party.....whether that Coalition of cultural conservatives, low-tax, low regulation conservatives and national defense conservatives, still exists, and if it does will those same folks still support Republican candidates? Listen to how Ron Paul answers the question after he gets done backhanding Cameron for baiting him on a stupid 9-11 question.....

Ron Paul said he doesn't think Republicans are "fiscal conservatives anymore". "We became big goverment people", Paul rightly claims of his own political party. Quite frankly, I thought public claims of truth like Paul's had become extinct. "Our deficit's out of control"...."we're entitlement people now"..."we've undermined our fourth amendment and personal liberty and personal privacy"...."we're policing the world" after "we condemned the Democrats" for running in 2000 on nation building and policing the world.

"No wonder our coaltion is breaking up"....."we have lost our way". My goodness gracious sake and lord god almighty....have you EVER heard ANY politician speak that much truth EVER IN YOUR LIFE?

As you could see from Willard Romney's sheepish, yet still freakishly arrogant, face, standing there next to Paul, he just couldn't wait to hand the 72 year old Doctor a couple Haldols for his dimensia problem and perhaps escort the poor confused old fellow to the nearest rocking chair. Honesty and truth to Romney is like sunlight to Dracula. The Mittster defaults to ridicule, perhaps part of Willard's unusual religious tradition....who knows?

Of course what Ron Paul said was true. He pulled back Oz's curtain, just for a bit, and laid out the dirty deeds of his own totally discredited lever pulling, political party. There simply is no credibility left.

And it's not just in the last 10 years, as Paul states, either. It began with Reagan. The Republican Godzilla that almost ate America
started with The Great Communicator's reign. Yeah Ronnie talked a good game, but that so-called Reagan Coalition and those so-called Reagan Democrats.....I'm still not buying it.

Ronnie was Far as I know, he was our first actor president, though some have really tried hard to become one while in office. Ronnie's actor presidency coincided with the teevee explosion in America. Cable, satellite, direct to home, etc. People saw the first actor president all over their teevees. They would see that big grin and that goofy wing-right formation hairdo and they would say, "Why, there's our actor president on the teevee."

My point is that many people saw Ronnie and believed in what they saw and heard. Just like with Junior, those people were duped into believing in something that was never there. What Reagan the story. Ronnie was nation building down in Latin America, illegally, duping Congress. Sound familiar? Deficits were prominent during Ronald's corporate friendly, labor unfriendly tenure. Sure, he cut the taxes of the wealthiest....that's why the Republican Party cut the wealthiest's taxes and start wars that will benefit the complex of industrialized defense.

So this imagined coalition, really only starstruck teevee gullibles, was founded on an illusion and breaking through that illusion was what Ron Paul did, even if only for a couple of minutes, when he honestly explained what the Republican Party has really been all about,.... and with Romney, Thompson, Giuliani, and McCain.... still is about today.

The audience applauded Dr. Ron Paul. They applauded him for his unashamed honesty. And they applauded his unashamed honesty because it is rarely, if freaking ever, heard.

I applaud him too.



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