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Ron Paul States Truth.....Again

By The Reverend Published: January 31, 2008

Despite the gushing Beacon editorial today, echoing establishment conventional wisdom about John McCain, the Arizona senator came off last night as no more than a "stay the course" George W. Bush clone. McCain's (and Romney's) neo-conservatism was on display for all to witness last night. If you liked W.'s foreign policy, you're gonna' love John McCain's as well.

If you believe America has the right and the duty to pre-emptively attack countries of the world even if those countries pose no direct threat to America, then McCain's your man. If you want a new president who will keep our military in Iraq up to 100 years if it will prove the surge has worked, then McCain's your man. If you want another authoritarian, like Junior, who will smirk at and mock all who don't want endless wars of imperialism, then McCain's your man.

There is a reason why Joe Lieberman jumped onto McCain's bandwagon recently. The same reason Democrats kicked Lieberman to the curb where he belongs. Both are neo-conservative Republicans who have drunk deeply from the Project for the New American Century's kool-aid. This PNAC foreign policy spelling out how an American empire should systematically invade other nations unilaterally, removing political regimes and setting up permanent military bases, specifically throughout the middle east, to protect our "national interests" and project our now the accepted and celebrated foreign policy of the Republican Party. Unprovoked interventionism.

In other words, the Republican Party has decided, with McCain and Romney as their frontrunners, that the George W. Bush foreign policy, the one that Cheney, Addington, Perle, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and others advocated while fraudulently leading us into Iraq, the one that includes endless wars and occupations, the policy that makes Guantanomo, torture, rendition, secret prisons and the like, necessary....has become a permanent Republican party platform plank.

If you want domestic spending on programs that help Americans cut back and/or eliminated. If you long to see a radical cutting into Medicare and Social Security. Then McCain is your man. All spending, except of course military-industrial-complex spending, under a McCain presidency would be severely slashed. Empire building takes a lot of money. Neo-conservatives say it is worth it for Americans to give up popular domestic programs in order to advance the PNAC policy of world domination through American military power.

I don't believe it is worth it.....and according to American polling....the majority of Americans don't either.

Watch this video from last night's Republican debate. It is a clip of Ron Paul stating very clearly what I have just typed. Listen at the end of his piece. Paul got the loudest applause of the night, from a Republican audience, after what he said here....


Did you notice the sickening smugness and condescending smirks the two neo-conservatives, McCain and Romney, had on their faces while Paul was speaking the truth? That smirking...that smugness,...that misplaced EXACTLY the kind of behaviour we have become used to seeing on the face of the Neo-Conservative Founder Commander Guy, Mr Low 30% approval rating himself, George Walker Bush.

Many have said Junior's name is not on the ballot this time. I disagree.

A vote for either John McCain or Willard a vote for George W. Bush.



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