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Rotten To The Core

By The Reverend Published: August 24, 2007


Glenn Greenwald has become a very influential blogger and author all within the last year and a half or so. Some have been using the name Glennzilla, of late, to describe him because of his take no prisoners style.

The Reverend suggests Greenwald is the BEST current writer in the blogosphere. He has an uncanny way of exploding the larger picture of almost incomprehensible corruption which now grips Washington.

Here's a bit of Greenwald explaining how and why there is now a push to remove Maliki from Iraq's leadership role.....

In a solid piece of reporting, CNN yesterday disclosed that the most powerful GOP lobbying firm, run by former GOP Party Chair Haley Barbour and staffed by key former Bush national security officials, is being paid by Allawi to coordinate these anti-Maliki, pro-Allawi efforts:

A powerhouse Republican lobbying firm with close ties to the White House has begun a public campaign to undermine the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, CNN has confirmed. . . .

A senior Bush administration official told CNN the White House is aware of the lobbying campaign by Barbour Griffith & Rogers because the firm is "blasting e-mails all over town" criticizing al-Maliki and promoting the firm's client, former interim Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, as an alternative to the current Iraqi leader. . . .

Allawi hires the most powerful GOP firm in the country, with former top Bush officials as partners, and almost immediately, the key Op-Ed pages of our nation's newspapers open up to him and all of official Washington, beginning with the President, changes course. Suddenly, key figures in both parties begin calling for Maliki to be replaced. Link

Click the link and read the whole post. Take a long hard look at the cesspool that rules the world.



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