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Rove V. Hannity In Wingnut Wars Matchup

By The Reverend Published: September 15, 2010

The unspoken-by-corporate media theme this election season has been the wingnut war raging within the Republican Party. You'll have to excuse my use of "wingnut war".....nothing personal, just a point of reference everyone can quickly understand.

Villager media, aka, Knee Pad Media, spun their golden narrative thread early on.....stomping their wittle feet and insisting that this election season was all about throwing out the incumbents because voters were really, really angry. Snot-coming-out-the-nose angry.....that's how really, really angry the voters are.

435 seats are up for grabs in the House and 33 or 34 in the Senate this November. That adds up to 468-469 matchups. In 8 races, incumbents have been thrown out. 8 out of 469 equals a throw-out-the-incumbent percentage of 1.7%.

A 1.7% throw-out-the incumbent rate....I guess....qualifies that meme as a theme. Hey, that rhymes.

One might ask, 'okay, Reverend, you smartass....what IS the theme of this year's election season.'

Answer: the wingnut wars raging INSIDE the Republican Party.

By now, you have probably heard that Tea Party candidate, Christine O'Donnell, has won Delaware's Republican nomination for the Senate over Mike Castle, the veteran Republican establishment candidate. O'Donnell beat the long time House member, Castle, by 8%.

Tea Partyers are hyping O'Donnell's win as yet another piece of election season evidence that "real Americans" are "taking back their country."

But Republican Establishment Guru, Karl Rove, tells Wingnut Warrior, Sean Hannity, that Tea Partyer voters are shooting their own Republican Party's foot.

The Reverend's translation: 'Sure, Sean, we're both part of the GOP's game of deceiving the voters by "creating reality" illusions but Delaware's voters aren't really up for theocratic anti-masturbation legislation.'

Cliff Notes version of Rove: What's the point of all the Tea Party enthusiasm in the primaries, if the primary-winning Tea Party candidates are unelectable in November?

What Rove and Hannity are disagreeing about is the actual, Reality-based theme of this year's election season. What's extremely unusual about this election season is the number of Republican Party incumbents and favorites who have been defeated by very radical Tea Party candidates.

It may be true that Democratic voters are not oh-so-enthused about this fall's election......but what's also true this election season is that the GOP is involved in an ugly civil war with itself.

After the humiliation the Republican Party endured from George W. Bush and Richard Cheney, it's understandable why the GOP would want to remake, reform itself. Lacking any genuine leaders, however, left a vacuum. That vacuum was quickly filled by spillover crazies from Sarah Palin's "real Americans" campaign in 2008.

The Tea Partys were born.

Money guys, like Dick Armey and the Koch brothers, helped finance the Partys' pseudo-protests. FreedomWorks, the Tea Party Express and other astrotruf groups did their damnest to create the illusion of a spontaneous, up-from-the-grassroots conservative movement BECAUSE voters were increasingly distancing themselves from the Republican label. I call it camoflaging conservatism.

For the last 20 months, compromised corporate media, habitually wired Republican, simply couldn't, and still can't, get enough Tea Party. Fox News-That-Isn't strapped up their arms and mainlined the rave Party drug making them as incoherently high as any street junkie.

And for what?

In the socialist state of Alaska, Republican Senator, Lisa Murkowski was defeated by a guy named Joe Miller....

“The unemployment compensation benefits have gotten -- first of all, it's not constitutionally authorized,” Miller, R-Alaska, said on ABC/Washington Post’s “Top Line.” “I think that’s the first thing that's gotta be looked at, so I do not favor their extension.”

Those thousand-dollar-plus yearly checks every Alaskan citizen gets from the state government via the state's oil resources, I guess, is Constitutional....just not unemployment checks.

Or how about Sharron Angle? She's trying to unseat Senator Harry Reid in Nevada in this November's election.....but if that doesn't happen, she thinks that "2nd amendment remedies" might be in order.

Or last night's winner in Delaware, Christine O'Donnell? The GOP candidate whom Karl Rove says will give Delaware's Senate seat to the Democrat, Chris Coons. O'Donnell, apparently, wouldn't mind so much if federal law enforcement organized a new Anti-Masturbation Police force. Here's the Palin clone 14 years ago....

What is thematic in these, and other, Tea Party primary how extreme these candidates really are.

What is news, even though rarely mentioned by the Professionals, is that the Republican Party has lost control of their own electoral process. What is news is that an unpopular and out-of-touch Republican Party is being slowly taken over by a very extreme element within conservatism.

A political party which, indeed, needed reforming in order to communicate more effectively with voters in the 21st century. A political party which needed to move to the center because of their unpopularity after the colossal failures of being forced into doing just the opposite by Tea Party fanatics.

Now, even Karl Rove doesn't think his party can retake the Senate.

Which brings me full circle. Villagers in print and teevee have been one-note-johnnies all year long. 'Woe is the Democrats.' 'America is rejecting eveything Obama this election.' 'Voters are I'm-not-kidding-angry at Obama and the Democrats....I'm talking REALLY ANGRY.'

The real story, mostly unspoken, is that the Republican Party is coming apart at the seams.

UPDATE WINGNUTTERY: From this morning's ABC wankfest-war with George Stephanopolis....



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