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Rovianism....Israeli Style

By The Reverend Published: January 20, 2009

Night after night during the Vietnam conflict, American news programs displayed pictures and gave firsthand reports from the quagmire there. Naturally, hawkish politicos complained that the media was skewing their coverage, turning Americans against the mindless conflict in the jungles of southeast Asia.

Karl Rove learned the Vietnam lesson. The way to conduct a war of choice was to co-opt the media. Control them in a different way. Get them on your side.

Judith Miller, formerly of the New York Times, was used as Cheney's bitch in the cock-up fraud leading up to invading the sovereign country of Iraq. She wasn't a Lone Ranger. Google "curveball" and follow the links.

Then came the "embedded journalists". Objectivity be damned. W's pasty-faced Turdblossom was able to guarantee favorable reports from that "grave and gathering danger" zone by following the old adage...."if you can't beat them, make them join you."

Seems as if Israel, in their three week butchery campaign in the Gaza Strip, learned a thing or two from Mr. Rove. Last night, Rachel Maddow, finally, had a piece on Israel's terror war against Palestinians in Gaza.

Start at about the 2:15 mark and listen to what Richard Engels, from Gaza City, had to say about Israeli control of media....

Engels said that Israel had this attack planned for A YEAR. The timing of Israel's pullout just before a new U.S. administration was sworn in was, "never a coincidence." Israel had a "window to operate" at the end of W's administration and just BEFORE Obama took office. Obama might take away Israel's "free hand", Engels said of Israel's motivation.

"The media plan that Israel put in effect was also very well studied. They knew that eventually reporters would get in.....It was also assumed that by the time there would be a massive amount of coverage of Gaza, news organizations would have already moved on...people would be covering events from where you are in D.C, Rachel....and there wouldn't be anything left to talk about", Engels said.

Engels spoke to a senior Israeli official "about ten days ago" who said, "we're going to need about ten more days" before journalists can go into Gaza, "there'll be a lot of damage" but "nobody will be interested anymore at that stage."

No one will care about the 1300 murdered Palestinians, most civilians, hundreds one will care about the massive destruction of everything Gazans depend upon for daily life.

"Nobody will be interested anymore."

That kind of planning.....whether done by Karl Rove or Israeli what I call "wickedness in high places."

Too bad there's no hell.



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