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Rudy Ain't Superstitious, But A Tax Cut Just Crossed His Trail

By The Reverend Published: September 23, 2007


I never really was attracted to voodoo stuff. Some people are, I know....but....I don't know....something about the rooster feet or the pins in the dolls....just turned me off. I guess it's not meant for everyone. I notice, though, that Rudy Giuliani is a devoted follower of the dark art.....

Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani said Friday that the alternative minimum tax ... which is expected to generate as much as $1 trillion over the next 10 years ... could be eliminated over the long term by balancing it out with even more tax cuts.

Giuliani's remarks prompted a bewildered response from his audience of technology executives. Both Republicans and Democrats said they assumed that the candidate must have misspoken as he responded to a question about the tax and its affect the middle class.

But a Giuliani spokeswoman said later that Giuliani meant what he said ... tax cuts could replace the lost revenue from the AMT by boosting the overall economy.

"Giuliani is the quintessential

voodoo high priest supply-sider," said spokeswoman Maria Comella. Link

Some bloggers even thought Rudy made an honest mistake, a slip of the tongue, got the wrong word, you know. Oh no, says the 'Giuliani for Voodoo High Priest' campaign, The Dark Artist Formerly Known As Mr. Mayor meant it just as he had said it.

So let's review the veracity of voodoo economics once again. First what is voodoo economics? Voodoo economics is what George Bush, the Elder, called the economic belief system which says tax cutting stimulates the economy so much, that more taxes are collected than were cut in the first place. George the First called it voodoo because the belief was more fitting to the world of magic and make-believe rather than, you know, reality. By the way, Bush, the Elder, said that about Ronald McDonald's mystical supply side addiction.

Now here's Rudy, a GOP presidential wannabe shaking the economic voodoo bones around chanting incantations of magic again. When asked about what he would do, as president, about the Alternative Minimum Tax Rudy said he would eliminate it. Fair enough. More Americans every year, who were not originally meant to be part of the AMT in the first place, are finding themselves kind of punished unfairly by the Tax.

But what would Rudy do to replace the projected revenue eliminated if he ends the AMT? Here comes the magic part.....he would cut more taxes. The Reverend is not a math major graduate...but usually, you know, when you sutract a positive number of say, a trillion dollars, from another positive number you get a number that is smaller than the bigger positive number by let's see.....carry the about a trillion dollars. So something magical must be part of Rudy's formula. Something I just can't see right away, probably. Perhaps black holes, quaarks and anti-matter are involved, who knows?

Rudy also said something similar when he said the way to raise the money to rebuild the collapsed bridge in Minnesota or to rebuild America's delapidated infrastructure was to...... "cut taxes". I know, must be, like, new, new, math.

Could it be that Rudy thinks that by dropping the AMT for all those Americans that would, like, motivate those same Americans to start a new business and hire a bunch of new people right away? And then all that new business and all those new employees would result in even more tax revenue than was originally eliminated by dropping the AMT. Could that be it? Because if that's it, then that would be the same thing Bush, not the Elder, has been telling us about his massive tax cuts and we' re now in a slowdown headed towards a recession and it's been 4 or 5 years now since the Bush, not the Elder, tax cuts went into effect.

You know, at first I figured the Republican Party just needed the wingnut evangelical votes and that's why they bellered so much about "faith based" stuff like their viewpoints on gays and frozen embryoes and stuff. Now with Rudy's very apparent attachment to the darker superstitious arts of voodoo economics.....I'm starting to think maybe the Republican Party has a bit of a larger problem developing. It simply looks like Republicans now have a tendency of embracing a whole bunch of make-believe sh*t that, clearly, ain't true.



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