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Rudy's Best Buddy Is A Child Molester

By The Reverend Published: October 24, 2007


In the above picture we find Mr. Mayor and the new Mrs. Mayor in Rome. But who is the guy to the right of Judith Nathan Guiliani?

The man to the right of the Guilianis is a 39 year long friend of Rudy, Monsignor Alan Place. Good buddies, they are.

Do you know what Monsignor Place is best known for? Molesting boys. Yep. The leading presidential candidate for the GOP is lifelong friends with a child molester. He and Rudy remain close to this day as the joint trip to Rome indicates.

For GOP supporters, defenders and sycophants...this will not come as much of a surprise really. The GOP doesn't much care for children anyway...hell, what's a little sexual abuse? Children cost too much to insure...just ask the one third of House Republicans who voted last week to keep more children from having health coverage.

So the Republican party's leading presidential candidate having close and continuing ties with a child molester won't move the shock meter of the "traditional values voters" and their spoon-feeders....not in the slightest.

Presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani hired a Catholic priest to work in his consulting firm months after the priest was accused of sexually molesting two former students and an altar boy and told by the church to stop performing his priestly duties.

The priest, Monsignor Alan Placa, a longtime friend of Giuliani and the priest who officiated at his second wedding to Donna Hanover, continues to work at Giuliani Partners in New York, to the outrage of some of his accusers and victims' groups, which have begun to protest at Giuliani campaign events.

The accusations against Placa were made in testimony before a Suffolk County grand jury in 2002.

The grand jury report concluded that a Priest F,..... Placa, abused the boys sexually "again and again and again."

The report concluded that Priest F, and several other priests under investigation from the same Long Island, N.Y. diocese, could not be prosecuted because the statute of limitations had expired. Link

Rudy's lifelong bud got off (no pun intended) on a technicality, as it were.

Series of pictures with captions worth taking a look at.



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