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Rudy's Foreign Policy & The "Values Voters"

By The Reverend Published: October 25, 2007


Rudy Guiliani has a foreign policy advisory group...umm...advising him on which middle eastern country he should attack should he (god forbid) be elected president....or in the remote chance that the Supreme Court selects him. You know, you can't rule that out.

Suffice it to say that if you like your foreign policy served up bloody, lawlessly and criminally....Rudy's picked the right guys.

The Dick must be so proud.

Mr. Giuliani's team includes Norman Podhoretz, a prominent neoconservative who advocates bombing Iran "as soon as it is logistically possible"; Daniel Pipes, the director of the Middle East Forum, who has called for profiling Muslims at airports and scrutinizing American Muslims in law enforcement, the military and the diplomatic corps; and Michael Rubin, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute who has written in favor of revoking the United States’ ban on assassination.


Mr. Giuliani has taken an aggressive position on Iran's efforts to build a nuclear program, saying last month it was a "promise" that as president he would take military action to keep the Iranians from developing a nuclear weapon.

Warnings like that one and his reliance on advisers like Mr. Podhoretz, who wrote an article in June for Commentary magazine called "The Case for Bombing Iran," have raised concerns among some Democrats. Link

"...have raised concerns among some Democrats." Ya' think?

Rudy wants to out neo-conservative the neo-conservative Cheney administration. And he's counting on this Muslim-bashing, blood-soaked policy to win over reluctant "values voters". Hey, I didn't say it had to resemble human sanity,...I'm just sayin'.

Rudy's one remaining problem is those "values voters", who recently, in a straw poll of "values voters", gave Rudy a blistering 1.85%. What's a neo-con wannabe to do?

Talk tough...and surround yourself with guys who want to attack anyone wearing a turban or carrying a prayer rug. The one "value" "values voters" understand and embrace is authoritarian aggression against non-Christians, (except Jews who are really 1/2 Christian), all of whom (naturally) want to take over America, bringing with them their new burka-chic enslavement fashions.

Rudy has to be thinking....'If I can just win the GOP primary, those "values" people will vote for me because I'll profile, kill and invade more Muslims and Muslim countries than Hillary ever will.' That is such an appealing platform to those who hold their "values" to be so dear.

I look for a Jacob-wrestling-with-the-Angel type struggle of "values voters" if Rudy is the GOP's ultimate candidate. "Values voters" will have to weigh blastocysts (not to mention...gays) against Muslims...and it will not be easy. "Values voters" should be able to rationalize that killing Muslims, a "value" they cherish, is so right now, so urgent an issue. Eliminating a woman's right to choose has been a slow and epoch struggle. Abortion is a perennial platform plank, like race baiting, that can be resurrected every election cycle and wrung out for every possible "values" vote. Muslim killing is right here, right now.

Our nation's protectors of "traditional moral values", I believe, will ultimately decide a willingness to kill Muslims outweighs the fact that Rudy condones a woman's choice to "kill" her microscopic blastocyst. Thus the "values voter" can punch the slot for Rudy and still feel confident they can, one day, stand before the great White Throne Judgment and tell their god...'I voted your values, lord, your value to kill Muslims, I know they are your enemies.'

It all makes perfectly logical, "values voters" sense.



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