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Rush Is Just Like Martin Luther King Jr.

By The Reverend Published: April 20, 2010 joke.

So, I'm driving yesterday listening to Rush....I have to keep up with the far right's take on all things....and, you know, Rush is, like, Mr. Conservative, so I'm listening.

Come to find out that Rush is just like Martin Luther King Jr. I thought, now that's a comparison.....I don't know.....a normal citizen wouldn't make. Just sounded odd. I listened some more.

From what the very articulate caller was saying, to the obvious orgasmic glee of said Limbaugh, was that Rush stands up for and speaks vicariously for, the currently-oppressed, "real American" patriots of 2010.....just like Martin Luther King Jr. did in the 1960's, when he spoke for the oppressed blacks in America. Rush repeated what the caller was saying, chuckling..."so, I'm just like Martin Luther King Jr., huh?"

Wow, I thought. No wonder so many on the right listen to Mr. Conservative. He speaks for the oppressed, just like the most courageous man I ever saw in my lifetime did when he, literally, sacrificed his life for the sake of his, literally, oppressed and mistreated, black American brothers and sisters.

More listening.

I learned that Rush is walking in the shoes of MLK on behalf of the terribly oppressed, mainly middle aged, mainly affluent, overwhelmingly white, primarily male, primarily GOP voting, Americans. I learned that these oppressed white, GOP, affluent, middle aged males are being held down under bondage by a black president who has the audacity to push his agenda against the will of most Americans.

I pondered.

I shut off the radio.

My senses slowly returned.....and then I recalled that Barack Obama, aka the governing-against-the-will-of-the-people, Tyrant Obama, was elected with 53% of the popular vote and with 338 electoral votes. It came back to me a little bit at a time.

More pondering.

Then, as if in a dream, I was taken back to those heady days when democracy blossomed like a rose in the U.S. The patriotic days, the days when "real Americans" could still be proud of their country, before the country was taken away from them and handed over to insurgent, socialist forces under a dark Tyrant Leader.

I recalled the most recent glorious sunrise of patriotic democracy in America. What a display of democratic freedom. I'm talking about one of America's most exemplary displays of democracy...ever. When Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia, declared George W. Bush president. Brings tears to my eyes even now.

Bush, having lost the popular vote, I'm sure because of dark ACORN underhandedness, may not have been able to secure democracy in America if it hadn't have been for the democratic nation-saviour, Scalia. A greater demonstration of spontaneous democracy, I'd wager, could not be found in all of American history.

No wonder many, many white, affluent, GOP voting, middle aged males told progressives during those great and memorable democracy days to just "get over it." Scalia's George Washington-like action in selecting a president, singlehandedly, ranks right up there with America's finest acts of freedom.

Images of the Antonin Scalia-elected president came to me.

With such a huge mandate from the people with Scalia's single vote margin, W. went on to liberate America and spread freedom and democracy everywhere he went. The white, affluent, middle aged male leader never pushed an agenda. He united the great patriots of all persuasions to embrace democracy in it's fullest and most robust sense, not only here in the Homeland but abroad as well. Scalia's candidate never rammed through astronomical debt-producing giveaways like the Dark Tyrant is doing....and if he did, it was only for the purpose of spreading freedom. Scalia's choice never tried to take the country away from it's true patriots....white, middle aged, financially comfortable, GOP-voting, American males.

Bush never gave white, middle aged, affluent, GOP voting, American men cause to form anti-government, patriotic, Tea Party resistance protests. After all, our last president was a white, middle aged, affluent was impossible for him to take our country away from us. Bush, unlike the Oppressive Dark Knight, was one of us.

My thoughts began to crystallize.

No wonder Rush's caller compared the Rotund White Patriot to Martin Luther King Jr.

MLK spoke and marched for black Americans who had been first enslaved and then oppressed for a hundred years by patriotic, mainly conservative, middle aged white American males. The laws that those white male patriots clung to, as they patriotically held on to their country, allowed for ugly unequal treatment of blacks.....ugly and despicable segregation.....bitter and hateful division based on skin color.

But those patriotic white males were just holding on to their country....preventing others from taking their country away from them. If it hadn't been for that damn Lyndon Johnson, middle aged, conservative, affluent, white males would never have had to rise up, patriotically, to take their country back now.

I concluded.

Rush Limbaugh really is speaking for today's oppressed in America. In the 1960's it was MLK laying down his life for black Americans. Today, it's Rush, making $20-something million, who speaks for the oppressed masses of white, affluent, conservative, middle aged men in America from whose hands the nation has been wrenched by undemocratic and dark forces.

It all makes a lot of sense.



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