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Ryan's Political-Stunt Budget

By The Reverend Published: April 2, 2014

House Republicans do not have to offer up a new budget this year. But Paul Ryan has chosen to do so anyway......

Republican leaders had considered not doing a budget this year, since spending cuts for the current fiscal year and the next were set in December with passage of a bipartisan plan. But House conservatives demanded a document they could take to their strongly Republican districts.

Which clearly means that when House Republicans vote on the newest Paul Ryan budget next week, they will be doing so only to excite their "strongly Republican districts." So, Ryan's proposal is 100% political in nature. Just another cheap GOP stunt to add to an already huge pile.

Six pack abs openly admitted as much.....

Ryan said the budget serves to show voters that Republicans are not just an “opposition party.”

“We believe it is not enough for us just to be an opposition party, we need to be a proposition party. We need to be the alternative party,”

Ryan is bringing his a vote in the House to demonstrate to typically Republican voters that the GOP is not just the Party of No. According to Ryan, his budget is evidence that the GOP really does have good policy ideas to propose, policies which will excite typically Republican voters and give them an incentive to vote this November.

Ryan's political stunt would cut $5 trillion in government spending over the next 10 years......cuts that Ryan says will result in a balanced budget. Apparently, one of the primary concerns of Republican base voters is reducing the federal deficit to zero. Which seems odd because not one Republican has been able to explain how the federal deficit is causing harm to either the national economy or the economies of individual families during the bankster hangover.

No matter. If Ryan has the pulse of typical GOP voters, then Priority One for those voters, while millions of Americans are still unemployed, inflation is nil and interest rates are still at near historic lows, is to balance that doggone federal budget.

How does Paul Ryan propose to balance the federal budget in 10 years? Along with privatizing Medicare for 55 year olds and younger,.....basically sticking it to future retirees.....the Wisconsin Wonderkind would wreck America's safety net while flipping off everyone in America who is not rich......

Mr. Ryan seeks to eliminate the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion, a $792 billion retrenchment, then turn the health care program for the poor into block grants to the states — saving an additional $732 billion over the decade. He would turn food stamps into a block grant program and cap spending, starting in 2020, cutting that program by $125 billion in five years. The budget relies on imposing new work requirements on food stamp and welfare recipients.

At the center of the budget is a full repeal of Obamacare — the president’s signature health care law, which Republicans have voted to dismantle more than 50 times.

Education funding would be cut by $145 billion over 10 years. Pell grants for college students would lose $90 billion. University students would start being charged interest on their loans while still in school, reaping $40 billion.

Starting to get the picture? Don't forget, these drastic cuts, according to Ryan, are supposed to incentivize GOP voters to come out to the polls this November. Which suggests that Republican voters get excited over the prospect of taking already-meager safety net benefits away from the powerless, vulnerable, poor and sick.

At the same time that Mr. Ryan proposes to excite the Republican base by bash, bash, bashing the poor, sick and needy.....he doesn't forget what really excites conservative voters.....mongering for war....and reacting to fairy tales.

Ryan increased defense spending by some $480 billion over 10 years.....(Political translation: Obama has made us weak)

The Republican also accounts for 8 percent more funding for diplomatic security abroad. (Political translation: Benghazi!!!!!)

Can you feel the excitement building in the GOP base-voter crowd? Ryan really knows how to excite those base voters. How do I know that? Because Ryan didn't forget the Exxtasy pills.....

After exciting his voting base with deep and destructive cuts for all who are not rich, after sending tingles down the legs of GOP base voters by INCREASING government spending while simultaneously kicking the poor, needy and the elderly to the curb.....Ryan, at the political excitement peak of his stunt, really brings it with his Encore Finale Stunt......Paul Ryan's budget proposal includes reducing the highest corporate and individual income tax rate to 25 percent.

What I find ...well....strange about this particular edition of a GOP stunt is not the 'eff you, you're on your own' part of the proposed budget. The GOP has already made that sentiment transparently clear on numerous occasions.

What amazes me is the idea that GOP base voters get excited over these hellish proposals. Do more-conservative voters really get encouraged and excited to vote when they think doing so will bring huge windfalls to the rich few and the military-industrial-intelligence complex? Or is the source of GOP-voter excitement over Ryan's stunt budget the joy experienced by conservatives when they think the needy, poor and vulnerable are going to get kicked around?



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