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Sacrificing Children At Gun Altar?

By The Reverend Published: August 23, 2013

Since Newtown, seven accidental child shooting deaths (where “child” is defined as “12 and under”) have been recorded in Ohio, which, according to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, doesn’t have any child access prevention laws on the books.* Five have been recorded in Texas, which does.

In 2010, 15,576 children and teenagers were injured by firearms — three times more than the number of U.S. soldiers injured in the war in Afghanistan,....

In 1997, the Centers for Disease Control found that in the U.S. the rate of death among children 15 and under due to gunshot wounds was nearly 12 times higher than those in 15 other developed countries.

My question today is......what other product sold in the U.S. could be involved in so many children's deaths and injuries, many of those entirely accidental.....and not be harshly regulated or the companies making and selling that product put entirely out of business?

Seriously. If you came up with a product for the marketplace which resulted in the deaths and injuries of so many you honestly believe that you would be permitted to continue selling your dangerous product without any new restrictions placed on your product?

Why, then, do gun enthusiasts and the NRA believe that the product they love and defend cannot be further regulated to reduce, at least, accidental injuries and deaths of children? What other product is so immune to safety regulations? What other product which causes the deaths and injuries of so many children would be tolerated in the marketplace without more safety measures or more regulations of that product?

Other than guns, is there such a product?



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