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Sad Late Night Lessons

By The Reverend Published: November 9, 2007


Mrs. Reverend and I watched the Senate debate and vote last night over confirming Judge Michael Mukasey to be Junior's new Attorney General. He was confirmed on a vote of 53-40, with the four absent Senate Democrats running fro president saying they would have voted no.

Tom Harkin(D-IA), Pat Leahy(D-VT), Harry Reid(D-NV), as well as other Dem Senators, spoke clearly and forcefully about why a nominee for Attorney General who couldn't state for the record that torture,...well....was torture.....was the wrong thing to do for America.

Leahy explained that it wasn't Mukasey's refusal to call waterboarding torture, per se, that disqualified him from the office of the AG. The patriotic senator from Vermont spoke of how Mukasey's refusal to state for the record that the president was not above the law...disqualified him. This refusal demonstrated that Mukasey, already, is not independent from the Bush administration, but is simply a more sophisticated version of Alberto Gonzales.

As I, and many others, have written....Mukasey's refusal to speak independently from the White House on these issues is best understood as a kind of pre-emptive protection routine for the sake of Bush/Cheney and the rest of this administration's many national and international criminals.

If the Judge says waterboarding is torture, and therefore illegal, then, once put in office, he would be hardpressed not prosecuting those involved with that torture. If the Judge says the president is always subject to law and the Constitution, then, once put in office, he would be hardpressed to prosecute our current criminal president.

Establishment and corporate devotees, Dianne Feinstein(D-CA) and ChuckieBoy Schumer(D-NY) were the turncoat Democrats in this sad saga.

Here are their very sad and dishonest comments as they voted to support yet another Bush lackey.....

"Politics has been allowed to infect all manner of decision-making (at Justice). Now, we are on the brink of a reversal," Schumer said. While he called Mukasey "dead wrong" on waterboarding, he predicted a defeated nomination would lead to Bush leaving in place an acting attorney general who would not be able to overrule Vice President Cheney or his top aide David Addington on controversial anti-terror practices.

"It would be the Cheney-Addington wing running the Justice Department on security matters," Schumer said.

"No one has explained why more of the same at the Justice Department would be better than putting Judge Mukasey in charge," Feinstein said. Link

Schumer's words are hollow and insulting. The very fact that Mukasey couldn't say waterboarding was torture or that the president had to obey laws all the time PROVES that the Cheney/Addington "wing" of Bush's criminal conspiracy will continue to reign with Mukasey as the new AG.

Feinstein has been pissing me off for quite awhile now for her phony aw-shucks schtick and her perennial cave-ins on important votes. Her "argument" seems to be that anyone as attorney general would be better than the status quo. And she's SOOO afraid that scary Junior just won't recommend another AG nominee if she votes against Mukasey. Milquetoast statements like that demean the value of the Constitution and American law. California, and America, surely deserve better.

Mukasey will only have to perform Attorney General duties for 14 months. In that, we should all be grateful. But the damage done to the rule of law and the soul of our once great nation, by accepting torture as a mainstream value and a king as a president, will be with us for a very long time to come.

We need more and BETTER Democrats. There is no other way out of the nightmare Bush/Cheney/Republican Rubber Stampers have put us in.



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