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Saying It Isn't Torture Means It Isn't

By The Reverend Published: February 7, 2008

The White House on Wednesday defended the use of the interrogation technique known as waterboarding, saying it is legal — not torture as critics argue — and has saved American lives.

Here's the White House's frame of reference.....

Officials fear calling waterboarding torture or illegal could expose government employees to criminal or civil charges or even international war crimes charges. Link

Calling crimes....crimes, exposes the criminals who are carrying them out to criminal charges. Better then to not call crimes what they are....crimes. Instead, call those crimes something else......and escape accountability for those crimes.

Well, then I won't call it robbing the bank when I do. I'll call it something else instead. Something like 'enhanced financing.' That way I won't be exposed to any illegalities. Bank robbery, as anyone knows, is a crime. However, enhancing one's finances may not be a crime.

The same could be said about speeding on the highway. "No officer, you have it all wrong. I wasn't speeding. I was using enhanced travel methods. If you call what I was doing, 'speeding', you will be exposing me to charges of violating the law, which, of course, I wasn't doing. I was simply enhancing my travel."

Neo-conservatives, as long as they are in control, will do any damn thing they desire, call it whatever they want to, and escape accountability. The neo-con doctrine is built on lawlessness. Building and expanding the empire requires lawless pre-emptive wars. Pre-emptive wars of choice bring along with them the problem of prisoners and the gulags where those prisoners are tortured. Neo-con adventurism produces secret prisons around the globe where allegedly bad people are taken after they're kidnapped, to be subsequently tortured.

Torture is the tool of the lawless. Savagery, we are told, is the method of the terrorists. Apparently, America has decided to fight fire with fire.

So the Senate and House can blather on about FISA, and Junior can send his flunkies, McConnell and Hayden, to Congress to dare and scare us all just one more time about the savage Islamics,....all so Georgie Junior will never have to answer for his multiple felonies and international war crimes.

It won't change anything. Purposely violating the 4th Amendment, pre-emptively attacking another country that poses no threat to America, kidnapping and renditioning bad guys to some black hole site, and torturing detainees......are all crimes. They were considered crimes before the neo-cons were selected to occupy the White House....they will be crimes when the criminal neo-cons leave the White House.

Saying something is not what it is to avoid responsibility is what little children do when they are caught with their hand in the cookie jar. For the last 7 years we have been governed by very naughty, little children.



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