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Scare Tactics Produce Ugly Results

By The Reverend Published: October 20, 2007


When Timothy McVeigh blew up the Oklahoma City Federal building, for some reason, it didn't lead to this type of behavior....

WALKERSVILLE, Md.: A Muslim group's plan to build a mosque and convention site on a 224-acre farm has met with resistance from many residents of this rural, overwhelmingly Christian town, who fear its tranquility and security may be jeopardized.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA says it will be a friendly neighbor, but its proposal including an annual national gathering of thousands of Ahmadis could be blocked by a measure under consideration by the town commissioners.

I'm sure there are college instructors who are using this particular time in American history as a case study on how discrimination starts and prospers. Replace the word Muslim with "black" or "hispanic" in the above paragraphs to see what I'm gettting at.

In this Maryland town, at least, the presence of Muslims is now regarded as something that "jeopardize(s)...tranquility and security". Right before our eyes Muslims are becoming the new "blacks". The new focus of discrimination and hate.

"Security" is the new code word of discrimination aimed at Muslims, just as "crime" used to be(and still is) the code word of disrimination aimed at blacks. It's the new 'wink and a nod' disriminatory language of out time.

Bask here in the love...

''Muslims are a whole different culture from us,'' said the mayor, Ralph Whitmore, taking a break at his livestock feed store. ''The situation with the Muslims is a touchy worldwide situation, so people are antsy over that.''

The word "culture" is being used more often these days. However, the connotation of the word "culture" seems to be changing. If others don't worship or dress the same way as, say, caucasian Christians...then that "culture" makes those caucasian Christians "antsy".

Odd that Timothy McVeigh, previous to his heinous action, was part of the "mainstream" caucasian Christian "culture" and didn't, after his heinous action, cause folks to be "antsy" about that very same caucasian Christian "culture".


If American "bully pulpit" leaders tell the caucasian Christian culture in America often enough to be wary and afraid of Muslims and their culture......this is the result....

.... when the Ahmadis visited Kambra Minor, a clerk at the Walkersville Market, ... said, ''There's a certain connotation to a Muslim group, especially in a blue-collar area like this.'' Link

Even though there have been no genuine home grown American Muslim acts of violence, there is still, "a certain connotation to a Muslim group". Needless to say, that is a "connotation" full of discrimination.

And what can be said about the corn-pone like, "especially in a blue collar area like this"? What? Are blue collar folks the common-sense, non-intellectual types who just, somehow, know better than those in an educated white collar area, you know, in an area where "cultural diversity" is seen as non-threatening?

Ignorance is bliss. Intolerance and hate is ugly.

America's new conservatism leaders must be proud of the ugly but happy Christian culture they've helped to create.



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