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Scary Ghouls "Could" Exist

By The Reverend Published: October 27, 2013

Here's the title of today's AB Journal's online version of the latest AP hit piece on Obamacare....

"GOP hopes Obama heath care woes have staying power"

Here's the title of the same piece in the Beacon's print edition....

"Health-care debacle could stick"

The online title remarks on the "hope" of Republicans. And Republican "hope" is that Obamacare online health insurance exchanges will continue to experience problems. Which means that Republicans are hoping for failure. Which translates to: Republicans hope uninsured Americans are unable to sign up for health insurance that many desperately need.

The print edition title is actually even worse. "Health-care debacle could stick." Martians....could.....invade. Birtherism claim.....could....stick. Every human being......could....die tomorrow. Hey, it COULD happen. That style of "journalism" is rampant in American media today. Writing up stuff that COULD happen.

Take note also of the word choice....."health-care debacle". Thousands of Americans are signing up every day on the exchanges and over the phone and through insurance representatives. What they are signing up for is insurance, not health-care itself.....millions of Americans have already been helped by new pre-existing condition rules and adult children staying on their parent's policies, etc.....yet Professional "journalists" from the Associated Press and/or editors at the Beacon describe that as a "health-care debacle."

Opening two paragraphs...

For nearly five years, Republicans have struggled to make a scandal stick to President Barack Obama’s White House. One by one, the controversies — with shorthand names such as Solyndra, Benghazi, and Fast and Furious — hit a fever pitch, then faded away.

But some Republicans see the disastrous rollout of the Affordable Care Act as a problem with the kind of staying power they have sought.

The first paragraph has nothing to do with the second....and please, someone....explain what that second paragraph sentence even means. The insinuation is that Obamacare is a Benghazi and Fast and Furious are alleged to be scandals by conspiracy theory Republicans. Authors Julie Pace and Nancy Benac of the AP give no explanation for why alleged scandals, Benghazi, Solyndra and Fast and Furious "faded away." I'm surprised no mention was given to how "liberal" media choked off the alleged scandals, with their, you know, liberalness.

If scandals truly are scandals....and Democrats are in the middle of them....they don't simply "fade away." (See: Bill Clinton impeachment) Point being that there were no scandals involved with Benghazi, Solyndra or Fast and Furious....and there never were. Odd that the AP writers didn't mention how the Birtherism scandal from the far right has basically just "faded away." I wonder why.

The entire AP piece reads like something from Newsmax or Breitbart....full of phony claims and wishful Republican thinking....with the mandatory "they said-they said" form of "reporting."

But this line is so indicative of what's wrong with the people I call the Villagers, it is gag worthy.....

"The health care debacle has overshadowed some of the Republican missteps and the GOP appears more than happy to keep the spotlight where it is."

A democratically passed law which extends health care insurance to tens of millions of Americans who currently can not get coverage or cannot afford it, a law which contains as one of it's provisions an online insurance shopping and signup site which is experiencing rollout difficulties is a "health-care debacle"....according to Professional Objective AP Journalists.

Shutting down the federal government, costing the national economy .6% of it's 4th quarter GNP and bringing the nation, for the second time in three years, to the precipice of default......all through the avenue of hostage taking and ransom letter writing.....are "Republican missteps."

Fair and effing balanced.



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