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Scouring For Evidence Of Racial Division

By The Reverend Published: March 19, 2008

I was a bit disappointed in the Akron Beacon Journal's coverage today of what even conservative pundits are calling a historic speech given yesterday by Barack Obama on race.

(Read Obama's speech here , watch highlights of Obama's speech here.)

No mention of Obama's speech on the editorial pages, and only a reprint of a Chicago Tribune piece on the BACK page of the A section. Perhaps later the Beacon will elaborate further on what The Reverend regarded as the most honest, bold and frank speech about race relations in America in my 58 years. No president or political leader has ever spoken so truthfully, so honestly.

The Beacon has endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic candidacy. They wouldn't have any interest in giving many positive column inches to Hillary's competitor. Even on a historic Obama speech, the likes of which hasn't been heard since the 60's. Thus, the Obama speech story was relegated to the back page.

Barack Obama had one specific line yesterday that, I believe, the editors of the AB Journal might benefit by pondering. It is this one.....

"The press has scoured every exit poll for the latest evidence of racial polarization, not just in terms of white and black, but black and brown as well."

This sentence is an indictment of most of the media's approach, thus far, to the Democratic primary. This indictment includes the Beacon.

The Beacon had a multiple page spread recently, detailing the breakdown of our area's March 4th primary voting. That breakdown, detailing specific white or black wards and precincts, was for the sole purpose of pointing out that whites voted more predominantly for Hillary, blacks for Obama. The Beacon made sure it's readers knew the extent of our racial divide by pointing to the huge Hillary margins from Mogadore, Ellet and Kenmore, for example. Further, the Beacon made sure it's readers understood that westside Akron wards voted heavily for Obama.

What purpose did all of that serve?

The Beacon scoured every ward and precinct result, tabulating specifically for black/white preferences. Then the Beacon presented this evidence, carried out to the tenth of a percent, as signs of our racial polarization.

In the main media's attempts, scattered at first, recently concentrated, to damage Obama's chances, thus insuring an establishment status quo president, either McCain or Hillary, every tidbit of evidence even intimating racial divides has been exploited.

The exit polling of the big Blowhards, who wear those Knee Pads I talk so often about.....has been sliced and diced every which way in a dishonest display of ugly racist analysis. I've pointed this out before. Obama pointed it out again yesterday.

We've lived through the terrible divisiveness of a Karl Rove inspired Republican Party policy relying on hateful and intolerant politics to divide Americans against one another. Play one group against another, all for political gain. Now in this presidential primary season, the main media is making us live through their own Rovian version of hateful and intolerant analysis focused on racial divides. The Beacon has played it's own small role in this process.

Barack Obama, in one clear and truthful sentence yesterday, exposed the media's hateful and divisive "reporting" for what it is.

More later.



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