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Selective Empathy

By The Reverend Published: November 9, 2013

Eight million U.S. citizens who qualify for the ACA's Medicaid expansion will not be allowed to sign up for Medicaid. Twenty five states have told those who qualify for Medicaid under the ACA that even though they qualify for the expanded Medicaid program, they can't participate.

That's 8 million people who are being denied access to bare bones Medicaid through absolutely no fault of their own. 8 million poor working Americans in 25 states will remain uninsured because of purely political stuntsmanship reasons by GOP state leaders.

But where has the media's empathy been directed this past week? Total attention has been focused on the 'whiners'. Those who purchase their own health insurance, had their insurance changed by their insurance company after the passage of the ACA, and are now being told they have to buy a different plan. This is selective empathy on the part of corporate media.....and it's one of the most disgusting recent examples of media-rot I've witnessed.

Let's review: Americans were told if they bought their own health insurance, they could keep that insurance. That declaration still holds. If you purchase your own insurance, and that insurance hasn't changed since the passage of the ACA, and your insurer still offers the insurance and your plan are grandfathered in.

If your insurer changed or canceled the plan after the ACA passed, and the changed plan doesn't meet the minimum standards of Obamacare's Bronze plans....then you will have to buy a different plan.

Those realities have driven media members to repeatedly declare Obama a liar who said you could keep your insurance....when in some cases, you can't. Not only has the media exhibited phony and selective outrage over this point....but media have also sided, empathetically, with only those who are having to purchase different insurance.

You've seen the flurry of hyperactivity this week by media over some Americans having their insurance plans cancelled....because insurers changed their offerings after the ACA was passed. And you've seen media blame Obama for all of it.

What you haven't seen is media waxing oh-so-empathetically over any of the 8 million Americans who qualify for Medicaid expansion but are being purposely prevented from accessing Medicaid coverage because of the pre-meditated choices of leaders in 25 states.

Have you seen any interviews with any Americans in a red state who have been denied Medicaid coverage even though they are eligible for Medicaid coverage under the ACA? Any interviews like that at all? Why would that be the case?

Selective empathy.

If a situation where folks had their insurance plans changed or cancelled altogether by their insurers after 2010, and now those folks have to purchase a new plan.....if that is cause for feeling empathy for those who have to buy new much empathy should the same media members who have taken up the cause of those who have to purchase new plans.....feel towards the 8 million Americans being purposely kept off Medicaid rolls and for no good reason other than political spite?

Wouldn't that be a more appropriate group of people to feel sorry for and draw attention to? Most of those who have seen their joke of an insurance policy canceled will obtain better coverage on the exchanges and, in many cases, for less money. But poor working Americans in Republican controlled states who are being refused access to Medicaid for purely political reasons, and have no other choices....won't be better off.

Now which group of Americans deserves more sympathy? Those who actually have other choices....or those who don't have other choices?

The media have made their choice. We've witnessed their choice this week. Professional media have saved all their sympathy, concern and sorrow for those Obama allegedly lied to.....while simultaneously, and purposely, ignoring the truly sympathetic cause of 8 million Americans left to fend for themselves.



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