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Senate GOP'ers: Bankster Security Guards

By The Reverend Published: February 2, 2013

One of the primary procedural gimmicks obstructionistic, anti-government Republicans have used repeatedly to stop progressive measures that would protect citizens from being systematically defrauded and ripped off is the Senate filibuster. Republicans say their use of the filibuster is to stop majority-rule overreach.....however, it seems increasingly clear that GOP filibusters are for the purpose of protecting the already-wealthy and powerful from any government oversight or reform.

Harry Reid's nauseating capitulation to the minority party in filibuster reform negotiations amplified my hunch that, in reality, both political parties often work together to block the will of the people. Reid complained effusively over GOP obstructionism.....but it was only a bunch of words. The Senate Majority Leader had no intention of really weakening the minority party's obstructionism. A similar capitulation took place on the same issue before the last Congress officially convened.

That said.....Republicans in the Senate are pleased as punch that they can continue to prevent meaningful governance by their Democratic counterparts. In a fundraising letter sent immediately following filibuster non-reform.....Mitch McConnell bragged about his success in one-upping the majority Democrats in the Senate.

Cleared to continue obstructing, Senate Republicans immediately returned to their pro-powerful, anti-will of the people, ways.....

In a letter sent to President Obama on Friday, 43 Republican senators committed to refusing approval of any nominee to head the consumer watchdog until the bureau underwent significant reform. Lawmakers signing on to the letter included Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), the ranking member of the Senate Banking Committee.

"The CFPB (Consumer Financial Products Bureau) as created by the deeply flawed Dodd-Frank Act is one of the least accountable in Washington," said McConnell. "Today’s letter reaffirms a commitment by 43 Senators to fix the poorly thought structure of this agency that has unprecedented reach and control over individual consumer decisions — but an unprecedented lack of oversight and accountability.”

See that number....43? Because Harry Reid and squishy, corporate Democrats refused to reform the egregious filibuster rules which keep power in the Senate in the hands of the minority.......the Consumer Financial Products Bureau, one element of the Dodd-Frank law passed after banksters nearly toppled the world's largest economy, may never be fully enacted.

The Republican objection to Dodd-Frank? The Bureau, according to Republicans, would have "unprecedented reach and control over individual consumer decisions" and has "unprecedented lack of oversight and accountability." There must have been a blue-light special on the word "unprecedented" all I can figure.

This is the same language used by Republicans to describe well as any legislation which assists average people when dealing with powerful monied corporations. Remember how Obamacare was an "unprecendented Big Government takeover of the healthcare industry"....and how, if passed, plugs on grandmas everywhere would be pulled by "death panel" members?

The same bullshite is being spread around again over the CFPB. Don't believe a word of it.

Republicans hate governance. The GOP actually does not believe in government....instead, they see government as the be drowned in a bathtub when it has been starved sufficiently of tax revenues. The GOP is anti-government, against government.

Why do Republicans run for elected office, then,....if their philosophy is so anti-government?

Answer; to prevent government from functioning at all in carrying out the will of the people.

Specifically, with their filibuster threat of the CFPB, elected Republicans are trying to protect very wealthy, powerful and connected financial industry players from government attempts to better inform consumers. Keep in mind here, obstructionistic Republicans are on the side of the money launderers, terrorist financiers, interest-rate riggers, and insider trading fraudsters....when they obstruct the CFPB. The Bureau's job is to protect "Consumers"....and the bankster industry's job, admittedly, is to fleece consumers for profit. Republicans favor fleecing over consumer protections. They disfavor consumers being informed and forewarned about the tricks involved in the fleecing.

The CFPB was purposely constructed to avoid congressional, political interference. The Bureau is under the domain of the FED and is not dependent on congressional budgetary wrangling for its funding. And that is what obstructionistic GOP senators want to change.

Why? Because if the CFPB's funding, etc., is controlled by Congress, then, eventually, if not right now, anti-government Republicans will have a chance to starve the new CFPB "beast" to death and render it totally impotent.

That is the GOP's plan. That follows their own "starve the beast", anti-government blueprint. The way to defeat the will of a democratic people is to render governance over the people as ineffectual as possible. That is what Mitchy's minority filibuster threat against the CFPB is all about.

The will of the people be damned.



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