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Shameful Censors

By The Reverend Published: March 12, 2012

I didn't know how the Akron Beacon Journal would deal with it. Now I know.

The editors of the Beacon have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are gutless.



The gutless editors at the Beacon decided that this week's truth-telling-by-comic-strip was just oh-too-controversial for it's child-like readership. So, they decided to not print this week's Doonesbury, in essence, censoring this week's Doonesbury comic strip. Odd. A newspaper....acting as a censor.

The bosses at the Beacon decided to print an older Doonesbury comic strip this week rather than print what many pearl clutchers and hand-wringers on the conservative right have warned would be just too controversial of a Doonesbury comic strip.

I'm sure that these Beacon censors would explain how this week's Doonesbury is just too....fill in the blank....graphic, adult, mean-spirited.....for children to see on the comic strip page. Of course, the real reason why the Beacon censored this week's comic strip page is because of the vivid truth it tells about the state of Virginia's radical new abortion-limiting law.

You know....truth may scare the children.

See anything that might cause emotional instability in any children who might happen to read today's non-censored Doonesbury comic? How about conservative adults? Is it likelier that the non-censored Doonesbury would cause emotional instability among conservative adults....or....children?

Who is more at risk? Who is more threatened by the truth portrayed in the non-censored Doonesbury strip......children or conservative/Republican adult readers? Children, who have no interest in Virginia's forced-pregnancy/shaming laws......or....forced-pregnancy-believing adults who just might experience a twinge of uncomfortable guilt if they were exposed to Trudeau's accurate portrayal of a shameful new forced-pregnancy-conservative Virginia law?

Today's Doonesbury.....the one censored out of the Beacon as, I guess, an example of how free Akron area residents are.....has two lines which conservative/Republican adults must be prevented from reading.

"Please take a seat in the shaming room."

The state of Virginia's new war-on-women's-freedom bill includes a new requirement of all women seeking a legal abortion in that state. Women must now endure a sonogram before obtaining a legal abortion. There's no medical reason for the sonogram other than the fig-leaf justification tacked on about determining the age of the fetus.

The real intent of the forced-sonogram.....and the more medieval transvaginal invasive sonogram first chosen for the to shame pregnant women seeking an abortion out of having an abortion. All the new imaging capabilities today in medicine have been eagerly embraced by forced-pregnancy conservatives as a means of shaming women who seek a legal abortion. In red-state after red-state.....forced-pregnancy governors and legislators have been busy

creating jobs writing laws which would limit and shame all women who are seeking to exercise their constitutional right to choose.

"A middle aged, male state legislator will be with you in a moment."

Exactly. The argument over a woman's right to choose is exactly that....who's right is it to determine reproductive choices? Male legislators who will never experience pregnancy?

Male conservative politicians, and not just in Virginia, have inserted themselves needlessly in between a woman and her doctor. Big intrusive government efforts by a political movement which is too big and intrusive.

How appropriate, then, is Doonesbury's "a middle aged male state legislator will be with you in a moment?" Author, Garry Trudeau leaves the comic reader asking the question, 'what's a middle-aged male state legislator doing meddling in the legal abortion process?'

"Shaming room" and "middle aged male legislator will be with you in a moment". That's the entire 'too controversial' part of Monday's Doonesbury strip. Too controversial....dear print. And did I mention that children might read it? And then what would northeast Ohio readers do? It would all just be too traumatic. Good thing that Beacon editors came to the rescue...and not a moment too soon either. Can you even imagine what might happen if Akron area students and adults....learned something that wasn't watered down into "both sides do it" weak tea?

By it's censoring actions, the Akron Beacon Journal has clearly demonstrated how cowardly they really are when it comes to freedom of the press. This is a low moment for the Beacon. Northeast Ohioans don't have to worry about the threat of Big Government censoring the press.....the press, apparently, is more than willing to do the censoring themselves.

Speaking of shame.



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