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"Shared Sacrifice"?

By The Reverend Published: February 24, 2011

Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker got punked yesterday. It's great stuff. If you are not familiar with the story, go here and listen to the twenty minute phone call Walker thought he was having with billionaire David Koch. I was going to write an entire post on the hilarity which ensued.....including Walker's posture as a servant of the Koch billionaire Bros......but it would have been, you know, overkill at this point. Walker has already lost the public perception battle.

Doubts about that? Let Fox's Shep Smith clear it all up for ya'....

Start at 2:00 mark...

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Republican governors are conspiring to bust unions...first in the public sector, and like in Indiana, next, in the private sector. None of it has anything to do with state budgets or deficits. Instead, it's always been about destroying unions.....unions who usually support Democratic candidates and initiatives. If you are a Republican, eliminating unions means eliminating your political enemy. Political carpet bombing masquerading as some austerity effort by conservative "daddy" figures.

Which brings me to today's topic. "Shared sacrifice."

When Obama's budget director, Jacob Lew, spoke about cutting government spending in the administration's proposed budget plan....Lew described it as a "blueprint for shared sacrifice."

In Lew's NY Times op-ed of February 6 he shares this gem....."the sacrifices needed to begin putting our fiscal house in order must be broadly shared,"

“Everybody’s going to have to give a little bit” to solve the nation’s fiscal problems, President Obama told reporters at a hastily called White House press briefing Tuesday morning.

Obama's outrageous "Deficit Commission" made "shared sacrifice" their fig leaf mantra.....hiding their proposed giveaway to our nation's wealthiest in so doing.

Shared sacrifice? Really? Where?

While millions have been thrown off employment rolls, public employees have endured furloughs, cuts, givebacks and freezes,....while Americans have seen their 401K's and pensions hollowed out by 15%-tax-rate hedge fund millionaires...while homeowners have lost significant values in their homes and less fortunate Americans have lost their homes, and credit, entirely....where was the shared sacrifice equivalency from our richest citizens?

Was their shared sacrifice in the December Grand Compromise, extending outrageously low federal income tax rates on the few folks who have made out like...well...bandits...the last decade? Do you think lowering the estate tax rate for .3% of America's richest qualifies as shared sacrifice?

Or does the phrase "shared sacrifice" simply mean that average working Americans and the poor must "share" what little they have by "sacrificing" for the sake of our nation's wealthiest?As Obama proposes cuts to poor inter-city community block-grants, as Obama proposes cutting assistance for the American poor who use heating oil.......where are the "shared sacrifices" of the millionaires and billionaires? Where are they?

As Tea Party-elected governors work overtime to assure average Americans sacrifice.....wages, benefits, bargaining rights....where is the "shared" side of the deal? Have wealthy citizens in Ohio and Wisconsin been asked to sacrifice....even a little bit? Isn't it just the opposite? While unions are being busted in several states, corporate taxes are being lowered and state income and estate taxes are being eliminated. Is that what sharing in the sacrifice is supposed to look like?

If you are David Koch, the answer're damn skippy. And that's where we come full cicle. To the anti-American national Chamber of Commerce and billionaire oligarchs like the Koch Brothers, "shared sacrifice" means all Americans making less than $250,000 per year must share what little they have left, placing it on the free market alter as a sacrifice to the gods who deserve to rule over us.

What "shared sacrifice" means to our overlords, Orwellian elected officials, and most of the Village media is that all power, riches and might must be given to America's top 3%....the masses must sacrifice all, if necessary, to guarantee ever-increasing profits and even lower taxes for our masters. The "sharing" part means that the 97% of us who are not filthy rich must tighten our belts for the sake of our rich national saviours.

Our filthy rich overlords wrecked the nation's economy when they immersed themselves in their own laissez-faire vat of bullsh*t. In a just and fair society, those economy-wreckers would be held accountable.....made to sacrifice something, anything....for their outrageously reckless behavior. But no.

Contracts for bonuses to those covered in bullsh*t were deemed sacrosanct....holy, untouchable. Contracts for average workers? Totally worthless and worthy only of "freeloader" scorn and mockery.

Incredibly, 97% of America is being coerced into sacrificing even more through an Orwellian messaging system calling for "shared sacrifice."

It's ugly and it's vile....but it is what's happening. What I want to know is.....when will America's richest be asked to sacrifice?



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