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"She Needs To Bone Up"

By The Reverend Published: November 14, 2008

Big Teevee Media knows how to exploit a pretty face. They don't know much of anything else....but they do know how to do that. Sarah Palin is a pretty face. Since Barack Obama won the presidential election last Tuesday night, Big Teevee Media has focused on Sarah Palin much more so than on the president-elect. That would be because Big Teevee Media does what it knows how to do.

As 60% of Americans agree, Palin isn't qualified to be president or vice-president of the United States. Her incuriosity even goes beyond the outgoing Decider's, and her breadth of knowledge is, like, narrow. However, Big Teevee Media breathlessly continues to cover Mrs. Palin's every word and movement always discussing where she fits in with the Republican Party of the future.

Here's a typical example of BTM from the MSNBC, David Gregory nightly program. Listen specifically to's Roger Simon in the first two minutes.

Roger Simon is one of my favorite weenies who appears on BTM regularly. "Don't count out Sarah Palin, this is a celebrity driven country, Sarah Palin is a celebrity," Simon says. "She had a good speech at the convention, she didn't do all that badly in her debate against Joe Biden....he didn't wipe the floor with her, maybe he forgot to ask her whether Africa was a country or a continent (WTF),...but she did okay, she needs to bone up, she needs to learn a few things.....she needs to go around the country, make speeches, retool yourself, yet retain the personality many people find appealing."

Many people find my Jack Russell Terrier's personality to be appealing and often she leads me to the pantry door so she can, you know, "bone up", but....umm....I've already counted my Jack Russell out of the 2012 election cycle, you know,.....can't read a teleprompter

Roger Simon, imitating Mrs. Palin, embarasses himself and doesn't even know it. Palin's convention speech was written for her, it was full of childish invective directed at Barack Obama. Joe Biden DID wipe the floor with the, obviously, not ready for prime time Sarahcuda,...."say it ain't so, Joe". Politico's Roger Simon then rivals Jon Stewart of The Daily Show, saying, "she needs to learn a few things." Think so, Rog? Just a few?

Simon's viewpoint is representative of many in BTM. Roger Simon represents the Traditionalist camp of the, now in shambles, Republican Party. No matter how foolish they appear, how nonsensical their arguments, how oblivious to a reality-based world they soldier on. David Gregory, on the other hand, represents the Reformer camp of the Republican Party, ever seeking, though agonizingly of late, a way forward for his cherished, yet currently bankrupt, GOP.

In the last nine days or so, I have found it very noticable in Big Time Media that Republicans, the losers in the election, are the main topic under discussion. My Teevee has been full of images and words from John McCain and Sarah Palin. The most vexing question being asked by the "experts" is, 'how can the Republican Party stage a quick comeback.' Pipedream scenarios of 2010 and 2012 are being taken seriously. It's all kind of a Three Stooges kind of way.

The perennial policy planks of the Republican Party have crashed and splintered on the rocks of American voter rejection. The GOP has run out of viable ideas. Sarah Palin, Roger Simon and a host of faith-basers in and out of media are trying to tell Americans that all those splinters can be put back together again and be better than brand new. Of course, it's ridiculous. The GOP's crushing defeat last Tuesday will take more than a little "boning up" or "retooling", in order to recover.

It will take a miracle.



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