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Shut 'Er Down

By The Reverend Published: April 7, 2011

President Obama met late last night with Harry Reid and John Boehner in yet another attempt to stave off a federal government shutdown. No agreement was forthcoming.

Just as a drunk-on-power group of Republicans shut down the government in 1995, so too the looming shutdown of 2011.

What I hear from every Republican who can grab a microphone, is the false-notion that the midterm election of 2010 was a mandate from the voters for all elected government officials to do what the Tea Party contingent of the GOP wants done. That is a false notion.

Because of the radical nature of many Tea Party candidates, the GOP was unable to recapture the Senate last November. Extremist Republicans have also completely forgotten about Democrat Barack Obama's big 7% electoral win in the 2008 presidential election. Democrats, though by listening to the corporate media you would never know it, still have the upper hand in dictating legislation. That is simply a it or not.

However, House Republicans are pretending as if they have been given all power in one off year election. Even though exit polling at the midterms found that voters were mostly concerned about jobs and the overall economy, House Republicans and Republican governors and legislatures have continued to misconstrue those findings as a mandate to cut federal spending to the quick, bust Democratic Party-supporting unions, severely limit abortion rights for women, crush Planned Parenthood and NPR, abolish the EPA, and, of course, provide even bigger tax breaks and cuts to wealthier Americans and already-flush corporations.

Don't look to corporate media for a clear explanation of those undeniable facts. Media is only interested in the "controversy", the they-said, they-said squabble. Rather than offend one or the other political-leaning viewer group by explaining the truth as it is.....corporate media, with rare exception, relies on the political fight, wallows in it, in fact, like swine wallow in slop.

Once again, yesterday, the insurgents from the Tea Party "rallied" their motley few in D.C. Even though their current spokesperson, Michele Bachmann, went in front of cameras to state that she thought a deal could be worked out to avert a government shutdown.....the Tea Party ralliers were heard shouting in unison "shut 'er down."

The Tea Party contingent is the only obstacle preventing Speaker John Boehner from accepting the compromise being offered by House Democrats and the President. The truth of it is that Democrats have agreed to the original House Republican leaders proposal to cut $32 billion from the remaining 2011 budget. A proposal, by the way, which will put another couple hundred thousand Americans out of work.

But the Tea Party insurgents will not accept compromise....they wrongfully think Americans handed them some dictatorial mandate to force their radical view upon all Americans. And so in their nihilistic frenzied state, they sing songs of "Cut it or Shut it", and chant "Shut 'Er Down."

When Speaker Boehner reported to his caucus yesterday that it didn't look like a deal would be reached in time to avert a shutdown....House Republicans members responded with a rousing round of applause.

Many elected Republicans WANT a federal government shutdown. To Tea Party members holding the axe of a primary challenge over the heads of these elected GOP officials......shutting down the government will be yet another symbol of victory, evidence that they are "taking their country back." Their biggest scalp to date.

To hundreds of thousands of government employees, shutting down the federal government means something altogether different. To a national economy barely pulling itself up onto it's feet, a government shutdown will mean yet another setback.

I've said all of the get to this: If today's Tea Party driven Republican Party is performing this unreasonably....this insanely....this destructively, after simply taking back the majority in the House of Representatives. If the word "compromise" has been stricken out of the GOP dictionary and categorized as an obscenity by Republicans when they only control one chamber of Congress. If "yes" from Democrats who are willing to compromise won't be taken as an answer right now.....then what can Americans expect if Republicans ever regain the Senate and the Presidency?

I think that prospect is more frightening than ever.



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