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By The Reverend Published: September 25, 2007


Everything that was old seems to be new again.....and so much in fashion.

The "old" disaster of a military adventure, Vietnam, has been brought back front and center by the man who was selected president by the Supreme Court in 2000, George W. Bush. Quagmire comparison, Vietnam with Iraq, was all the rage just a few weeks ago. Nostalgic arguments that we should have stayed in Vietnam have been trotted out to bolster Bush's staying at the current crimescene in Iraq.

Now it seems it has become fashionable to have 60's style race relations conflicts again. Protests over race were, rightly, prominent during the 60's. The firehoses, the marches, the riots, the street violence, the police brutality.....are now all threatening to make a comeback in the deep south of Louisiana with the Jena-6 episode.

I don't want to go into all the details of a primarily white(85%) community and it's seemingly racist justice concerning high schoolers. However, this is important to know about....

No sooner did tens of thousands of African-American demonstrators depart the racially tense town of Jena, La., last week after protesting perceived injustices than white supremacists flooded in behind them.

First a neo-Nazi Web site posted the names, addresses and phone numbers of some of the six black teenagers and their families at the center of the Jena 6 case and urged followers to find them and "drag them out of the house," prompting an investigation by the FBI. Link

I had thought, before the Bush presidency, that the U.S. had made significant progress in social freedom and equality, both major themes of the tumultuous 60's-70's. And of course, we have.

But with the hatred, intolerance and promotion of national division unleashed on America by Bush and his master conductor Karl Rove all these years, (remember, Rove was placed in charge of New Orleans restoration after Katrina), I am saddened to say everything old has become new again.

20,000 protestors in the streets of a 3000 population town in the south. Neo-Nazis and KKK'ers stirring up the same old hatefulness. The whiff of white supremacy in the air.

It all makes me sick.



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