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Sissy-Ass Punks

By The Reverend Published: August 6, 2009

Fox's Glenn Beck calling President Obama a racist....

First 60 seconds....

Beck asserts that Obama has "a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture." After being reminded that Obama has numerous white staffers, Beck contradicted himself, stating, "I'm not saying that he doesn't like white people. I'm saying he has a problem," before going on to state, "this guy is, I believe, a racist."

Fox's Glenn Beck with Frank Luntz.....

Beck repeats what the Obama White House has called the town hall jihadists who have been blowing up local town hall meetings so constituents can't ask questions or have questions answered by their congressional representatives.

Beck.... "right wing extremist, desperate Republicans, angry mobs, the mob, manufactured anger, astroturf, Brooks Brothers Brigade."

Luntz...."It's character assassination, that's what it is....and it was something that was learned under the Clinton administration."

Beck...."I have said vicious things, that's different from an administration coming out and saying these kinds of things. You have an official endorsement of this kind of thing, it's dangerous in this country."

Luntz..."This is what happens when there is no accountability. Republicans are so weak in Washington that it is so hard for them to hold the Democrats accountable and the American people are legitimately afraid. They're scared that they're going to lose their freedom. They're losing their economic freedom over the past six months and now they're afraid that they're going to lose their freedom over health care. That's what generates this passion....."

If you came close to hurling after listening to these two fumbducks, don't be alarmed, that's a normal reaction.

Frank Luntz is a focus-group f*ck who provided the Republican Party just the right focus-tested words to use over and over to help defeat health care reform. Focus-tested words that would scare people....focus-tested words, like egg-foo-yong farts, that when repeated often enough, would foul-up the entire health care reform process. Kind of a word what the punk Luntz is....and he is paid handsomely for deceiving the public for the sake of the powerful.

Glenn Beck is simply a wussy. A sissy-ass punk who likes to dish it out, like any sissy-ass punk likes to do.....but just like any sissy-ass punk would also do, Beck can't take it when those he insults personally call him on his bullsh*t. Remember, the health care reform wreckers are promoted, endorsed and supported by sissy-ass punks like Beck, and the propaganda horse, the FOX network, Beck rode in on.

Yes, yes, a bucket of putrid bile, like Beck, has the right of free speech....yada, freaking, yada......but people like Beck who want to exercise their f*cking free speech rights need to stand up like real, you know, men.....not like sissy-ass punks whining that their panties are now bunched because that mean black president Obama has called bullsh*t on all his lying, anti-democratic, town hall trashing friends.

The national corporate media discourse.....and I'm being as serious as an embolism......has never been so clusterf*cked-up. As far as deceit and propaganda go, in my opinion, we have successfully surpassed the old propaganda glory days of the Soviet Union.

We have become a dishonest nation from the top down, full of sissy-ass punks who lead the assault on truth by plotting to deceive Americans.....and all for the sake of America's wealthiest.

It's sickening.

UPDATE: RNC Chairman, and sissy-ass punk with a big mouth, Michael Steele, joins the whiny ass titty baby (WATB) chorus....



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