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Smearing Obama's Face In It

By The Reverend Published: June 24, 2011

It is little wonder our country is in the economic shape it's in. We are in the middle of a nasty recession. Market demand is too low. While sitting on top of a mountain of cash, big business is barely expanding because of that lack of market demand.....and Democratic senators like corporation-serving Kent Conrad of North Dakota are telling us that $2 trillion in government spending cuts over the next ten years...wait for it.....ISN'T ENOUGH.

There are approximately 30 days left before the United States government begins defaulting on it's creditors. Republican "negotiators"....Eric Cantor and Jon Kyl...have just walked out on the Joe Biden-led meetings to reach a compromise agreement before a vote is taken to lift the debt ceiling and alleviate default.

The reason why Kyl and Cantor are taking their blankies and going home for a while is hard to accept in a nation alleged to be leading the free world. Could it be because Joe Biden....the commie that he is....has asked that tax rate increases be part of a final "agreement?" No, that's not it. Could it be because the negotiators from both sides have not reached agreement on how much government spending will be slashed? No. $2 trillion is the agreed upon number on the spending cuts.....despite Kent Conrad's assholery.

So what's the problem, then?

It seems that Joe Biden wants to include the elimination of some tax breaks now in the tax code to, you know, raise some very much needed revenue to go along with the deep spending cuts. But Eric Cantor and Jon Kyl, beholden to the Teatards of America as they are.....can't be in the same room where tax break elimination is being discussed.

So they have booked on out of the "negotiations."

The god-awful Mitch McConnell, with his Droopy Dawg jowls vibrating wildly,....defiantly and cynically threw down a challenge to President Obama....

“President Obama needs to decide between his goal of higher taxes, or a bipartisan plan to address our deficit,” Mr. McConnell and Mr. Kyl said in a joint statement. “He can’t have both. But we need to hear from him.”

If this all wasn't so would make good comedy...but it is....serious. Joe Biden, still considered to be a Democrat, has agreed to $2 trillion in government spending cuts over ten years. Biden is representing President Obama directly in the "negotiations." Yet McConnell says Obama's "goal" is "higher taxes" and not "bipartisan." When Democrats agree to cut government spending by $2 trillion and Vibrating Republican Jowls accuse those Democrats of not being sufficiently should realize that you are being rolled.

When I say "you"....that's what I mean. What Democrats and Republicans are cooking up in the backroom to force feed Americans with is a horrible tasting elixir of misery. In a time of very high unemployment, deep spending cuts by government will only extend and deepen the unemployment problem. Higher unemployment will mean even less market demand for goods and services....which will result in even higher unemployment...and so it will go.

But Republicans have promised to destroy the American economy once and for all if Democrats don't agree to deep spending cuts. Democrats, foolishly, are taking the hostage takers seriously instead of calling their bluff...and have decided to, once again, concede to the GOP ransom demands. $2 trillion in cuts it is. However, Droopy Dawg knows that when you have an opponent who's not willing to fight down on the ground, the only thing to do is kick that opponent in the head. So, ole Droop calls out Obama as the person who is not acting sufficiently bipartisan. According to Droopy, Obama is the one who hasn't been taking the "negotiations" seriously enough.

"We need to hear from him" a thinly-veiled threat to the President. The President is being heard, and has been heard, through his Vice-president. Biden speaks for the President in the negotiations. But McConnell wants Obama to luxuriate in the humiliation....McConnell wants Obama to know that not only is he rolling the President on the $2 trillion in cuts.....he also is planning on rolling the President on ANY forms of raising revenues. Droopy is rubbing Obama's face in the steaming pile of Teatardness drug in during the midterm election.

I don't think there is any doubt now that the anti-American GOP Teatards will get what they want out of these so-called negotiations. When the curtain is finally drawn on yet another backroom deal, not only will deep and destructive spending cuts be agreed to.....but also there will be no new sources of revenue, no tax increases, no elimination of tax breaks...nothing.

All that will happen as a result is that our national economic nightmare marked by low market demand and high unemployment will continue.

It's either that or Droopy Dawg and his Rabid Band of TeaTards will blow the entire nation up with nuclear-default bombs.

Just think....America considers itself the "envy of the world."



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