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By The Reverend Published: February 18, 2014

Woke up to about 12 inches of snow in the driveway. Had to unleash the SnowKrackenBlower before having coffee. Quite a wakeup.

Anyway.....I guess it was 'resurrect-the-Obama-2009-stimulus-for-another-round-of-fact-free-bashing' day yesterday for Republicans and fascists on the radio pretending to be conservatives.

Here's Boy Wonder, Marco Rubio.....

“If you recall five years ago, the notion was that if the government spent all this money -- that, by the way, was borrowed-- that somehow the economy would begin to grow and create jobs. Well, of course, it clearly failed,” Rubio said.

Here's the corporate-owned GOP Senator John Cornyn (R-TX).....

“Five years later, our economy is still sluggish, Americans are dropping out of the workforce by the thousands, and the President’s latest big government experiment, Obamacare, is now on track to slash 2 million more jobs from the workforce,” he said.

Then there was Senator Shutdown, the totally freakish freshman Bircher from Texas, Ted "My Dad Calls Me The Messiah" Cruz, the twit, tweeting....

"Well, five years in, it looks like President Obama's stimulus did actually create jobs. Unfortunately, they're all at the IRS and NSA."

Did I mention that Cruz was freakish....oh, and not funny either?

Rwanda Radio-Head, Rush Limbaugh stated that "90% of the stimulus money from 2009 went to unions".....which I didn't know about.....but Rush Revere is a patriot above all he would never lie about such things.

I wonder why these four posers didn't celebrate the five year anniversary of the George W. Bush "Zero-jobs-growth-over-8-years-even-after-we-made-historic-tax-cuts-on-job-creators" Economic Stimulus. Seems odd.

I'm not going to re-fight the "stimulus-sucked-----no it didn't" argument. The 2009 stimulus did what it was intended to do.....slowed down the economic bleeding created by the Banksters who literally gutted our national economy. Unlike during Bush, the nation has experienced positive job growth from 2010 forward.....which, back in late 2008, I thought couldn't be done that quickly. So the four patriotic posers can go pound salt.

But here's Boy Marco again explaining what the talking point bashing of the 2009 stimulus yesterday was really all about....

“Five years later, underemployment is still too high, the number of people that have dropped out of the workforce is astounding, unemployment remains stubbornly high and our economy isn’t growing fast enough -- proof that massive government spending, particularly debt spending, is not the solution to our economic growth problems.”

Rubio said "a vibrant free enterprise economy" would have been a better solution than the stimulus.

“That’s what our policymakers should be focused on -- policies that bring our Tax Code, our regulations and our massive $17 trillion debt under control,” Rubio said. “Sadly, that’s not what we’re getting from the White House, that’s not what we’re getting from this administration.”

That is what Florida-fried, argle-bargle looks like, with a side of voodoo economics.

The 2009 stimulus was never intended as a "solution to our economic growth problems." It was a put your finger in the dam temporary stop-gap measure to avoid millions more Americans losing their jobs, homes, healthcare, etc. Young Marco knows that but decided to lie about it anyway.

Now, notice what Boy Wonder suggests are the proper policies to implement when millions of people not named Boy Wonder are losing everything....."policies that bring our Tax Code, our regulations and our massive $17 trillion debt under control."

My god, you would think that Republicans would have worn that hobby horse out by now....but sigh, it is not to be. Come deep recession or high water, the GOP has one solution.....cut tax rates on very wealthy Americans who have been bathing in Benjamins for at least a decade, cut deeper into government regulations at a time when reality-based Americans just witnessed a deregulated financial industry destroy their hopes and aspirations, and, and......austerity, cut more government spending for the blahs, and the poors and the geezers......the "cut our way to prosperity" crackdream.

Long story bullshite.

Personally,......and I know this may sound mean....but caffeine-deficient, I don't care.....these conservatives are not simply liars and deceivers, they are actually bad people hoping to make the lives of already-suffering American families even more miserable.

So, yes, these four conservative clowns all got the same memo early yesterday....a reminder to bash the 2009 stimulus as a failure when it wasn't, so they could sing hymns celebrating the tenets of supply-side religion, which has never worked.

File this all in the "consistent conservative assholery" cabinet......and then enjoy your favorite caffeine-delivery beverage.



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