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Sold A Rancid Bill Of Goods

By The Reverend Published: August 28, 2014

Access to an uploadable device has been sketchy all week....and regular daily blogging will not resume until after Labor Day....but I have commandeered the house computer for a here's something that has been on my mind.

There's a theme prevalent on the warmongering right which I guess I don't fully appreciate. It goes like this: leaving Iraq in such a mess as it is in today does not properly honor those U.S. military members who have sacrificed their lives and/or broken bodies in that hellhole of a country. Here is a portion of a McClatchy article where former and current members of the military from London, Kentucky were interviewed on the subject..... 

“I honestly feel we pulled out of Iraq too soon,” he (wounded serviceman Adam Campbell) said. “It was something done to gain political favor. All the loss we had, all the guys who made tremendous sacrifices. And for what?”

And they are older ones, such as Bill Jones, who helps lead a local chapter of Disabled American Veterans. Pulling out of Iraq “was the worst mistake we could have ever done,” he said.

“I thought it at the time, and I still do,” he said over coffee at a Waffle House. “If you go and you spill your blood over there, and you come back and then it was all for naught – why did you go to start with? It doesn’t make any sense. Why sacrifice our men and women in uniform if you’re not going to try to win the war?”

Invading Iraq never made any sense.....and the Bushies refused to explain to anyone the real reason for invading. Still to this day, Americans have no answer to the question: why did we invade Iraq? We will probably never know the "official" doubt because of national security concerns.

But when Americans have no idea why we're invading non-threatening could anyone know when we've "won?" Many Americans thought that when Saddam's head was severed, America had "won." Others pointed to the Orwellian effort by our most prestigious warmongers in the "surge".....and claimed the U.S. had "won" something.

And as far as "trying to win the war"......who were we allegedly at war with?

But to the question....."why sacrifice our men and women in uniform...?".....I can suggest an answer. Global U.S. dominance. Our neo-con leaders in the Empire's vast military complex can't explain to Americans the real reason for the Iraq invasion....or bombing Libya....or bringing about regime change in Ukraine...for fear that our population would not fully appreciate the answer.

It's just better that the, you know, folks back home....think all that "sacrificing" by military members in our numerous wars of choice is for the purpose of keeping us safe from all-powerful, bogeymen "terrorists." You see, if we're all scared for our lives, then we're less likely to ask important questions like.....'remind us again why we're at war in seven distinct foreign countries, none of which have officially threatened America in any serious way?'

Having an open and honest national discussion about why our warmongering since 2001 has been on steroids is the last discussion military complex members and Cheneyesque neo-cons want to entertain. The reason for that is because the political pushback of disapproval by the American people would threaten the goals of the 'world dominators.'

Example: How would have our citizenry responded to George, Condi, Dick and the gang if they would have told us that the reason we were attacking Iraq was to militarily position ourselves there in order to "project U.S. power throughout the region", as part of a much larger goal to dominate all world nations?

Yes, I am sympathetic with those servicemen from Kentucky who feel that all the death and maiming of U.S. service personnel in Iraq shouldn't all "be for naught." But it hasn't been. All of those killed and all of those wounded sacrificed themselves for a larger, worthy or not, objective.

America....and it's capitalistic economic machine....must dominate the world. No nation must be left that doesn't succumb to America's will. All world markets, all world assets and resources must be subjected to U.S. "supervision"....with no exceptions. Yes, fossil-fuel energy sources are of prime interest in this global dominance....even if neo-cons swear on a stack of bibles that that isn't true.

But fossil-fuel dominance is only the tip of the oligarch iceberg, so to speak. All revenue streams of all world nations must be subjected to skimming by U.S.'s god's will. The only way to accomplish such an objective is to force all nations to bend the knee in subjugation to America's exceptional 'free marketers.' That's where U.S. military mebers come in.

See why it was less messy for the neo-cons, the Bushies and even the Obama-ites to just make us think some Islamic crazies would kill us all in our beds if we didn't start occupying multiple middle eastern countries?

Scaring folks is just so much simpler.





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