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By The Reverend Published: April 20, 2008

A little movie and HBO review...


"Rendition", I think, is an excellent movie attempting to humanize the new American virtuous practice of kidnapping, detaining and torturing individuals inside our various satellite detention centers around the world.

Now up until this movie I thought Jake Gyllenhaal was a poser, well he still is somewhat, but he does good work here. Witherspoon is very good. She captures the torture the families of the kidnapped also endure.



If I was scoring, you know because of The Reverend stuff, in Bibles, or something, I would give "Rendition", like, 7 1/2 Bibles out of a possible 10.


But the must see movie is "In the Valley of Elah". If you are a conservative, or if you have been a life long strong military minded type of need to see this movie. The Reverend believes this movie should be viewed by every high school government class in the country.

Tommy Lee Jones portrays a national defense conservative patriot so poignantly, (and I don't even know what poignantly means), he even had the old pastor shedding a tear. The theme of the movie could be deemed Operation Chaos. No, not the sophomoric plan of a fat-assed, simpleton trying to self-ejaculate by effing up a primary election, but instead, what's happening to our military, our country, because of our being in Iraq for over 5 years. Utter Chaos. Jones is superb, and the conclusions he comes to are profound.


"In the Valley of Elah" is 10 Bibles, easy.


The HBO John Adams 7 part series is good stuff for cable teevee. As you might expect, the radical, power to the people guy, Thomas Jefferson, in the series, is my personal favorite character. Paul Giamatti, playing Adams, does a better than good job and Laura Linney, playing Mrs. Adams, is better yet.


Worth a look.

If you've seen any of these videos, let me know your reaction.

If not, I highly recommend them....and don't forget.....The Reverend hates damn near everything.



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