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Son Of Surge

By The Reverend Published: February 12, 2008

John McCain has been making quite a deal about his support, before anyone else mind you, of what's commonly referred to as the "surge". In the Vietnam days the word was "escalation", as in, 'the president is escalating the war effort'. But today, our leaders are so much smarter and wiser. And our journalists.....well....they're just so much better at polishing a bullsh*t phrase then back in those days. Why call something what it is when you can create a brand new.....well.....brand?

Not torture, but instead, enhanced interrogation. Not spying on Americans, but instead, the Terrorist Surveillance Program. Not poisoning the atmosphere, but instead, the Clear Skies Act. Not taking away your Constitutional rights, but instead, The Patriot Act. Not a naked act of military aggression, but instead, Operation Iraqi Freedom. Not the escalation of an already failed act of aggression in Iraq, but instead, THE SURGE.

Here's CNN's Blitzer asking Pelosi about the Glorious Success Above All Successes....

Anchor Wolf Blitzer asked: “Are you not worried, though, that all the gains that have been achieved over the past year might be lost?”

“There haven't been gains, Wolf,” the speaker replied. “The gains have not produced the desired effect, which is the reconciliation of Iraq. This is a failure. This is a failure." Link

I'm tempted to ask whether Wolf was talking about the "gains" made by the funeral homes who got most of the American soldiers burial contracts in the Great Year of Surge, 2007.....but I won't.

The escalation of an existing conflict, already involving some 130,000 U.S. forces, by inserting 20,000 more American soldiers in and around the Baghdad area has become the point of argument for John McCain, Junior, Holy Joe and their cast of neo-con thousands. As Blitzer reveals by his question to Pelosi.....the Knee Padders, (and Wolf has worn out several pair) simply accept the new phony argument as legitimate. It isn't.

The argument was, is and will always be over the pre-emptive attack of a sovereign country posing no threat to the U.S. Bush has never wanted to talk about that and now John McCain doesn't either. Both of these warmongering neo-conservatives would rather make the argument about some small police-like activity within the larger imperialistic crime campaign and Israeli-like occupation. Neo-conservatives, many in McCain's foreign policy advisory group, want the discussion to be about troop movements on the ground inside Iraq, rather than about pre-emptive crimes of military empire building and the fraud campaigns used to sell them in the first place.

Nancy Pelosi is correct and incorrect at the same time in her comment, "the gains have not produced the desired effect". Yes, she's correct that inside Iraq the escalation of the conflict has not produced national political reconciliation. You see, Iraqi reconciliation, Junior told us, was the objective of the escalation, the purpose for the surge. He was lying, of course. The objective was to kick the failed can of a destroyed Iraq down the road to the next president. A kicking made a bit more difficult with a new Democratic Congress in 2007. Now it seems that the can-kicking has been successful. Iraq will be the next president's problem. Victory belongs to Junior. Neo-cons win. America loses.

The "surge" was purely a political construct to enable the worst criminal president in American history to pass the baton of the worst pre-meditated foreign policy disaster in American history off to the next president. In that sense and in that sense the surge working.

An act of naked aggression against a country that had not attacked nor threatened to attack us was explained to us as being necessary, in fact urgently so, because deadly weapons had to be destroyed. Weapons which could wind up in the hands of al-Qaeda. The al-Qaeda hands were in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but the bad, bad, weapons were in Iraq. Saddam was going to give those bad, bad weapons to al-Qaeda.....I guess by FedEX-ing them or something. Whatever....we couldn't risk it.

In addition to destroying all those bad, evil weapons, for good measure, Operation Iraqi Catchall was said to be all about changing Iraq's leaders.....regime change. The story was that Saddam was very bad and was going to give his al-Qaeda buddies some of his very bad weapons. Simply attacking Iraq and destroying all those dangerous weapons would not be enough. Saddam would just make or buy new bad weapons, probably through E-Bay, and so Hussein, himself, had to go. Off with his head....literally.

The very dangerous and extremely bad weapons threat was how the crime was sold to the American people. Regime change was rarely center stage in the neo-con scare campaign. It was "smoking mushroom cloud guns" or "yellowcake" bakeoffs or some similar sh*t.

Where are we now?

No weapons found. Worms are crawling through Saddam's skull.

Now what are the Junior/McCain neo-cons slobbering all over themselves?

The "surge is working."

Atrios is fond of saying at this point of a posting, speaking of the fear and warmongers, "these are very bad men", which, obviously, is true enough.

But that phrasing lacks the rich color we need at a time like this time.

Let me get out my paint brushes here.......

These are lying, murderous, criminal sons-of-bitches who deserve to spend the rest of their miserable goddamn lives in a federal prison cell.

Notice how the sweeping brushstrokes capture the fullness of their subject in that surging light?



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