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Southern Discomfort

By The Reverend Published: April 27, 2010

Here's a comment yesterday from Da response to The Reverend's blogpost, "Be Like Mike", concerning RNC Chair, Michael Steele's regret over the Republican party's use of Nixon and Reagan's GOP "southern strategy" to attract white, southern, used-to-vote-Democratic, voters.....

In the year 2010, I don't think the "southern strategy" means a whole lot. The Rev's premise is that the entire south is still a bunch of bigoted rednecks. I don't think that's true, and is in fact an insulting stereotype used against southerners in this day and age. While there will probably always be racists of all stripes, we've moved beyond the dynamic of the 60's. It's hard to get this idea through the heads of liberals, who seem to project their opinions on so many issues through a race-based prism. I, on the other hand, just don't think that way. Race is immaterial in my view. Equal rights are just that…equal. No preferences and no discriminations.

And from my blog bud, larry...

Half of southerners nowadays are transplanted Midwesterners, in any case. It's interesting how racism has declined in the South since it went Republican, though.

If it's true that "racism has declined in the south"...or that.."we've moved beyond the dynamic of the 60's"...and..."race is "now" immaterial".......if that's all true....

Then, what explains this?

From a new Research 2000 poll....

SOUTH 40 58
WEST 59 36

Those are regional favorable/unfavorable numbers for Barack Obama.

Notice anything that stands out from the South line? And if you notice what stands out from the South line.....what could explain the fact that it stands out?

Could it be that these poll results are simply another example of an "insulting stereotype of southerners?"

Why do the attitudes towards President Obama from the south vary so greatly from the attitudes towards President Obama from the rest of the nation? What explains this?

If it's because of Obama's policies, as many Tea Partyers still insist, why don't the other three regions of the country, you know, "get it?" Is the answer because not enough "real Americans" live in regions outside of the south?

If the differences in the polling can be explained by suggesting that southerners have inside information about destructive Obama know, southerners are filled with god's "common sense" and just know stuff that others don't......what would explain that possession of inside information?

Are the other three regions of the nation simply filled with zombified Obama-bots who have been hopelessly brainwashed by liberal media and commie blogs? Does that sound reasonable?

Is the south filled with political science super-genuises who are light years ahead of, say, the northeast's political experts? Is that it?

Why would the RNC Chairman, in response to the question...."Why should an African American vote Republican?"....say, "You really don't have a reason.....we haven't done a very good job of really giving you one."

Why would Steele say...."For the last 40-plus years we had a ‘Southern Strategy’ that alienated many minority voters by focusing on the white male vote in the South?" Why would he say that if, indeed, Da King and larry are correct when they state that racism is now immaterial and the south has moved beyond racial politics?

I'm not being a Smartypants, like Sarah Palin, here. I'm being serious.

If the Republican Party is going to stay competitive in 21st century America.....the point Steele was is essential for the GOP to drop the divisive regional identity politics spawned by Nixon-Reagan and made into a science by Karl Rove.

The rejection of Republicans in both the 2006 and 2008 elections gave the GOP an opportunity to go back to the drawing board to see what it was that they have been doing seriously address the question of why American voters prefer Democrats.

Instead of reflecting and reforming in an honest and humble seems that conservatives and Republicans have decided to follow the lead of the Republican SmartyPants-In-Chief, 1/2 term governor-turned-opportunist, Sarah Palin.

Palin and her Partyers' posture has been one of cocksure defiance instead of humility in the face of voter rejection. The thinking has been that if the GOP's worn-out ideas are no longer popular with American voters, then, it's simply because Republicans have not spoken sufficiently crazy and hate-filled of late.

Palin, Gingrich, Fox, many elected Republicans, and of course all of conservative AM hate-radio......deny that American conservatism needs to reform itself to respond to the 21st century paradigm. Change happens whether conservatives like it or not. The GOP will no longer be able to survive with strategies that appeal only to white voters. White Americans will reach minority status by 2050 whether the Republican Party or southern whites like it or not.

Michael Steele, though often gaffe prone, didn't deny reality, neither past nor present, when he spoke seriously about Republicans and racial politics.

Why, then, do so many other conservatives and Republicans continue to deny reality?



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