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Sparks Will Fly In June

By The Reverend Published: June 4, 2012

June is a big month on the political calendar. Two significant Supreme Court rulings will come down....settling (maybe) Arizona's "papers please" law and whether the federal government can regulate interstate commerce, if that commerce is healthcare insurance. I think that both Republicans and Democrats are planning to play off of these two June Supremes decisions in significant ways....and most likely, both decisions will play a role in the upcoming presidential election.

Those rulings will come later in the month....but recall election day up in Wisconsin. A big political day, to be sure. Earlier this year, Wisconsin voters collected more than enough signatures to recall GOP Governor Scott Walker. Voters in Wisconsin were enraged with Walker's "divide and conquer" tactics....

In the video shot by documentary filmmaker Brad Lichtenstein on Jan. 18, 2011, billionaire Diane Hendricks asks Walker if he would make Wisconsin a “completely red state, and work on these unions, and become a right-to-work?”

“Oh, yeah,” Walker replied. “Well, we’re going to start in a couple weeks with our budget adjustment bill. The first step is we’re going to deal with collective bargaining for all public employees, use divide and conquer.”

Hendricks went on to give the governor’s campaign $510,000. That makes makes her not only Walker’s biggest donor, but the biggest donor to any candidate in Wisconsin’s history, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

February, Walker divided in order to conquer...

In Wisconsin, the state police, several police locals, and a firefighters union (just a fraction of the states more than 300 public safety union organizations) endorsed Walker in the gubernatorial race. That he’s sparing them now, when so many of his gubernatorial peers have confronted the cost of essential personnel, has both his critics and allies wondering if he’s rewarding allies and punishing his foes.

“Tellingly, some workers — namely, those who tend to be Republican-leaning — are exempted from the ban; it’s as if Mr. Walker were flaunting the political nature of his actions,” wrote the New York Times’ Paul Krugman.

Dividing Wisconsinites against one another in order to turn the state red for Romney in November. That was Walker's plan....and so far it is working. You can barely slide a piece of paper between the polling numbers going in to tomorrow's statewide recall election against Democrat, Tom's that close....even though it shouldn't be.
If Walker prevails, not only will he become a national GOP star, but he will have done so on the backs of average Wisconsin working families. Make no mistake, a Walker win tomorrow is a loss for America. Scott Walker does the bidding of the billionaire Koch you may remember from Walker being punked by a faux-Koch phone call. Walker wants to turn Wisconsin red for the sake of billionaires like the Kochs and at the expense of regular Wisconsin working families. "Divide and conquer" is the phrase used by class warriors unashamed of taking from the average to reward the already-rich and powerful.

If Walker successfully fends off tomorrow's recall threat....America's workers will be the ones who eventually pay the price. Right-to-work, union busting initiatives, outlawing collective bargaining, dividing neighbors against neighbors.....are all part of a unified GOP plan to lower wages and benefits for U.S. workers in order to give already-rich overlords further tax breaks and advantages.

How it is that polls leading up to tomorrow's election are so tight is beyond my pay grade to explain. Walker is the representative of the 1% in the contest, yet polling is virtually dead even. Go figure.

What I do know, however, is that if Walker holds his governorship tomorrow....average American families, not only in Wisconsin, but throughout the nation....will pay a hefty price.

Let's hope Walker gets what he most certainly has coming to him....a trip back home.

After the dust settles in Wisconsin....the month of June will have two more huge political events. Both coming from the Four Horsemen of the American Apocalypse + Anthony Kennedy before the month is over. Arizona's "papers please" law and Obamacare will be ruled upon by the Supremes.

I'll have something to say about these two cases and their effect on the fall election later this week.



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