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Special Halloween Costume For Ohioans

By The Reverend Published: October 26, 2011

I have an idea for a Halloween costume in Ohio this year.

My costume suggestion includes carrying a small oxygen tank with an oxygen mask attached to a sandwich board sign costume with "SB5" written on both front and back. Why? Because SB5 has now officially been placed on life support awaiting it's November 8th demise.

Oh noes....some union-haters might be moaning right about now. Let's face the music, shall we? Just how are Ohio's Governor John Kasich and the SB5 union-busting bill he rode in on...faring out amongst the little people in the state? Just a few short weeks ago I heard enthusiasm in the voices of Foxian propagandists because, supposedly, polls favoring the defeat of SB5 had slipped down to only 51% in favor of defeat, 38% opposed. Desperate people are encouraged at even the slightest glimmer of hope.

The former Fox talking head, Kasich, took heart at that bleakest of all "positive" signs, possibly thinking, just maybe, he wouldn't have to pick his electoral ass off the floor when voters got done with it on November 8th. Governor Kasich has since been peacocking around the state the last few weeks, as his custom is....encouraging Ohioans to give SB5 a chance.

I'm pleased as punch to announce that all Kasich's ground work the last few weeks in defense of busting unions is now paying political dividends. Yes-sir-buddy.

Ohio will vote November 8th on whether to repeal Gov. John Kasich’s (R) signature initiative, SB 5, a bill that among other things limits the collective bargaining rights of public employee unions in the state. Kasich argues the measure is necessary to keep government budgets in check. Unfortunately for the Governor, it looks like the bill is going down in flames.

A new poll from Quinnipiac University shows that 57 percent of Ohionas think the bill should be scuttled, versus only 32 percent who would like to keep it. That’s the highest level of opposition since Quinnipiac has been polling the issue in Ohio all the way back in May. A month ago the issue tightened up a little, seeing only a thirteen point lead for the advocates of repeal. But as the campaign against it kicked into full gear, pro-union forces have pushed that lead to 25 points. The latest Public Policy Polling (D) survey mirrored these findings.

And then yesterday on the Ed Shultz show, Cinncinnati conservative troglodyte radio host, Bill Cunningham, (no progressive, he) called Governor Kasich's signature legislation "collective begging." Oh, my. What is going on here?

Perhaps, Ohioans of many stripes simply are not buying into the Republican Governor's heaping pile of...umm...justifications for why SB5 must not die.

The only subgroup of voters who want to keep the law are Republicans, who favor letting it remain 59 - 32. But all other groups, including Democrats and independent voters across all ages and incomes want it gone. It seems that much of the opposition comes from the fact that voter’s just don’t believe the argument that SB 5 is needed to balance Ohio’s budget, as only 34 percent said it’s necessary versus 57 who say it is not.

"....including.....independent voters..."

I want to thank the man I call LittleJohn for, first of all, traveling the state to sell his piece of....legislation, SB5. The more the diminutive governor talks...the more Ohioans don't like SB5. Thank you, LittleJohn, for helping progressives accomplish their goal.

What's more....if Mr. Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party was correct when he said if SB5 prevailed, then,......

"…they (Democrats) will not have the money to compete in Ohio next year. Barack Obama and Sherrod Brown will lose Ohio and be thrown out of office in 2012. The Governor and the Ohio Legislature will be emboldened and thus willing to introduce more conservative legislation like Workman's Comp reform, Right to Work, School Choice and much more…"

The flipside of Mr. Zawistowski's prediction would suggest that if SB5 is defeated, then, Sherrod Brown and Obama could very well win re-election in Ohio next year. So, it could be a progressive twofer. And since independents have also been riled up by the union-busting efforts of an ex-Lehman Bros, ex-Fox contributor, Governor...those independents just might help Democrats next November throw out the destructive remains of a terribly, misguided TEA Party contingent.

Kasich, whose disapproval numbers have for the first time gone over 50% in the state, yet still consoled by his TEA Party enablers, has often talked about freedom, liberty, and government, you know, getting out of the way. Yet, SB5 is actually an effort in government micro-managing, government meddling.

Crafting a bill which defines every nuance of how union dues have to be paid.....legislation which demands that neutral binding arbitration in case of a stalemate simply be trash canned...umm...arbitrarily......are symptoms of, you know, "big government", "intrusive government",...the exact government behavior which the TEAs and Kasich say they hate so much.

Finally, please commit to memory who the Ohioans are who favor SB5....

The only subgroup of voters who want to keep the law are Republicans, who favor letting it remain 59 - 32.

I specifically want teachers, firefighters, police, EMT's, road crew workers, social workers, union members, pay attention to those who favor ending your rights to collectively bargain. 60% of Ohio's Republicans are working against your best interests. 60% of Ohio's Republicans will vote to take wages, benefits, collective bargaining rights, and binding arbitration rules away from you and your families.

Those Republicans must be stopped. Vote no on SB5 on November 8th.....and enjoy the victory over the union-busting minority all of next year. Then, next November....send every Republican now holding office back home where he belongs.



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