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Spilling Coffee, Bull-Droppings & A "Plant"

By The Reverend Published: June 10, 2010

Have southwestern state borders become hellholes of violence thanks to those violence-proned Mexicans?

How to clean up a coffee spill......if you're BP.

Of course the real BP spill is not funny....but that video is.

Something stinks to high heaven down in South Carolina....and it's not the oil smell. Here's Alvin Greene, the winner in the South Carolina Democratic Senatorial primary on Tuesday.

It really does look like Greene was "planted", no doubt by conservative forces. Jim Clyburn is calling for a federal investigation into what appears to be evidence of even more Republican election tampering.

Election tampering, suppressing votes and election related shenanigan-activites are something, at least, that Republicans are sorta good at.

Judging by Greene's above "interview".....I wonder how the culprits who planted him thought they were going to get away with it.

Greene "won" 59% of the Democratic primary vote....and yet, he never campaigned.

I suppose it's not impossible.....but South Carolina, I must mention, has open primaries. What this looks like is a Keystone Kop version of what Rush tried in his Operation Chaos....urging Republicans to cross over and vote for Hillary in the primaries in order for Republicans to avoid Obama in the general.

I'm sure this will quickly be resolved.....but it does look like someone gave Greene $10,000 (he's unemployed and lives with his parents). Then, Republicans crossed over during the primary to give him the win over the white judge and former 4 term state legislator, Vic Rawls.

The AP.....

He (Greene) seemed overwhelmed by his new fame and admitted he has no campaign signs, staff, buttons or even a slogan. He hoped the state and national party leaders might call him back, this time to offer some help.

"I need my state and national party to help me," Greene said. "See, I don't have any signs. Those take campaign contributions."

Read the entire AP article.....this one is bizarro on steroids.



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