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States Can Not Nullify Federal Law

By The Reverend Published: July 10, 2012

Yesterday, I happened to see a quick interview of failed GOP presidential primary candidate, Texas Governor, Rick Perry. They say everything is bigger in Texas. I think that includes the cluelessness of it's politicians.

"If anyone had any doubt, we wanted to put it clearly to bed...that Texas wasn't gonna be a part of this expanding, socializing of our medicine. So, we're not going to participate in exchanges, we're not gonna expand Medicaid. We're just not gonna be a part of, again, socializing health care in the state of Texas in direct conflict with our Founding Fathers wishes....and freedom for that matter. People need to be free to make those decisions about health care. Not be forced by this administration into these exchanges or into bankrupting states with the expansion of Medicaid."

Texas has been a part of socializing health care ever since another Texan, LBJ, passed Medicare in the 60's. Is Medicare in "direct conflict with Founding Fathers wishes...and freedom?" How was it that Texas seniors in the 60's made their own health care decisions....when they came down with cancer or some other withering disease?

What about Medicaid? Does Texas participate in the Medicaid program? Of course it does. Isn't Medicaid socialized medicine for the poor? Wouldn't that fact fly directly in the face of what Perry claims about not being a part of socialized medicine?

Perry claims that socialized medicine....which must include Medicare and Medicaid and the VA as contrary to the Founders wishes. Yet, there's nothing in the early documents which prohibit government from tackling a modern day health care cost and availability problem through legislation designed to expand health insurance to millions more citizens who can't afford it now.

The most outrageous thing Perry says is this: "socializing health care in the state of Texas in direct conflict with our Founding Fathers wishes....and freedom for that matter. People need to be free to make those decisions about health care."

Well, how's that freedom working out for Texans? Texas ranks dead last in the 50 states when it comes to health care services. One out of four Texans don't have health insurance....also near the bottom in ranking. Perry's version of freedom includes the freedom of millions of poor Texans to not be able to afford health insurance...the freedom to get sick and possibly die rather than the state be enslaved by universal health insurance.

Furthermore, what Perry stated on Fox yesterday, if carried out, would be an act of treason against the U.S.A. State governors cannot legally nullify constitutionally passed federal legislation. That is a crime. The Civil War was preceded by numerous acts of nullification by Confederate state traitors.

Rick Perry, ever the dumb dick, casually claims his state just isn't going to "participate" with exchanges or Medicaid expansion. That's the same thing I heard from George Wallace, Strom Thurmond and other southern leaders when the big, bad federal government desegregated public schools. Let me ask you, did those southern states get away with attempts to nullify federal desegregation laws? Same is true with federal election laws.

And the same will be true with the Affordable Care Act. Big mouthed, clueless, redstate governors.....including Jindal in Louisiana, Koch-Walker in Wisconsin and four or five others.....along with Perry are running their jaws, and shaking their puny wittle fists because it's an election year. But all these loud-mouthers know that state governors can't nullify constitutionally passed federal laws.

And I'll guarantee ya' soon as the general election is over.....those loud-mouthed governors will be silent as church mice as they take those Medicaid extension monies and comply with assisting their state citizens with the subsidized health insurance exchanges.

The reason Perry failed so miserably in the primaries is because he is...well...kind of dumb, and he likes to shoot his mouth off before engaging his brain.

Perry repeated that failure yesterday.



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