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Stock Market.....And Last Night's Democratic Debate

By The Reverend Published: January 22, 2008

I'm typing this at shortly after 8AM Tuesday morning. The stock market is getting ready to prove to America that a deep recession is now upon us. One that's been brewing for quite awhile. DOW futures were down some 600+ points as of last night, world stock exchanges plummeted yesterday, did so again overnight, and no one really knows how far the panic effect will drive the market down today and tomorrow.

UPDATE: Wow....we're really in a lot of trouble.....the FED cut rates by 3/4 of a percent!!

Last night's three person Democratic debate was actually quite good despite the race baiting questions. I thought Obama did exceptionally well in pointing out the Clintons' tactics and calling Hillary out on her numerous misrepresentations of what Obama has said and done.

Barack Obama isn't kidding. He is telling Americans the accomplish what needs to be accomplished to put America back on the right course of democracy and will take a new political movement, a new coming together of various demographics. Young people, minorities, Independents, Democrats, some conservatives and Republicans, will need to rally behind one candidate in order to change the system that has been failing us as a people. That is the truth. No other incremental, stay the same old course, strategy will get the job done.

Barack Obama.....of all candidates on both the only candidate that can possibly pull that off.

It is clear to me that huge corporate media interests have now decided the way to keep Obama from threatening their stranglehold is to try to divide the Democratic Party. That's why the media has decided to rush to race based questioning in virtually every "news" program offering.

Attempting to divide the Democratic Party, thus weakening it for November, is the way forward for status quo conservative powerbrokers, many of whom are found in the mainstream media. Race is the knife they will continue to use to do the job.

It's despicable, naturally, but not unexpected. One example will have to suffice....

Karl Rove has been recently hired by Time magazine (think Time-Warner conglomerate) as a political writer. In one of his latest articles he tries to portray Barack Obama as "lazy", among other criticisms. Playing into stereotypes long believed in the United States about blacks, Rove does the best he can to damage Obama's chances of becoming the Democratic nominee.

Barack Obama has stated repeatedly that he doesn't think America needs to re-fight the battles of the 1960's and 1970's with a Hillary presidency.

The irony is, however, that powerful monied interests are already re-fighting one of those battles before our very eyes. The battle over race. And Obama is the focus of that fight.

More about this later....



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