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Stopping The "African American Voter-Turnout Machine"

By The Reverend Published: August 21, 2012

..the three days before Election Day, .... nearly 100,000 Ohioans voted in 2008. The Republican-controlled legislature decreed (for 2012) that only active military personnel or their families could cast in-person votes that final Saturday-Monday.

As many of you know, Ohio Republicans have worked hard to cut back on early voting this year.....too costly, we're told. Last week, Ohio's Secretary of State, Jon Husted.....under pressure from voting rights groups and national media outlets....made some concessions....

...(Husted) directed Ohio’s 88 county elections boards to keep uniform hours for early in-person voting. He ordered the boards to stay open to 7 p.m. the final two weeks before the election but nixed weekend hours.

At the same time, Ohioans are waiting on a ruling in a federal lawsuit by Democrats, including the Obama campaign, seeking to restore early in-person voting on the three days before Election Day..

I've blogged several times about the GOP's suppression of Democratic voting through the passage of state voter ID laws. Because voter fraud basically doesn't exist, voter ID efforts by red states are for the purpose of either solving a problem which doesn't exist or....suppressing Democratic voting.

In Ohio, preventing as much early voting as possible by trimming hours and days in which Ohioans can vote early...especially the weekend and the Monday before the to stop blacks from voting.

Think I'm kidding?

“I guess I really actually feel we shouldn’t contort the voting process to accommodate the urban — read African-American — voter-turnout machine,” said Doug Preisse, chairman of the county Republican Party and elections board member who voted against weekend hours, in an email to The Dispatch. “Let’s be fair and reasonable.”

He called claims of unfairness by Ohio Democratic Chairman Chris Redfern and others “bullshit. Quote me!”

100,000 Ohioans voted the last three days of early voting in 2008. Early voting is available to all Ohio voters, not just black Ohio voters....yet, the chairman of the Franklin County GOP chairman, Doug Preisse, says that early voting is an accommodation to the "African American voter turnout machine."

Excuse me if I think that sounds a bit racist.

Preisse made a gaffe, he told the truth. Republicans pass stringent voter ID laws, Republicans cut back on early voting hours and early voting days just before the general suppress Democratic votes. That's the purpose, the objective.

To Preisse and the GOP, early voting isn't to help cut back on long lines on election day. To Preisse and the GOP, early voting isn't about expanding the opportunity to vote for all Ohioans. Instead, early voting, especially on the three days prior to the an effort to "contort the voting process to accommodate" blacks.

That's quite a surprise to me. I thought everyone could vote early in Ohio. I thought early voting was for all Ohio voters. I thought early voting was for the purpose of cutting down on mile long lines on election day. But I guess not. According to the Franklin County GOP chairman, early voting is a scam to accommodate "the African-American voter-turnout machine." Giving Ohioans early voting days just prior to the election isn't for the purpose of giving Ohioans every possible opportunity to vote or to avoid hour waits in long lines on election day....oh no.

Early voting, the weekend and Monday before the general election, is to "accommodate the African American voter-turnout machine."

Since Ohio Republicans feel that way.....that early voting just before the election is actually a ploy to assist the "African American voter turnout machine" as it turns out votes for's much easier to understand why Republicans would work to prevent early voting. Ohio Republicans don't like early voting and have worked to cut back on early voting because they only see early voting as an illegitimate right to advance Democratic causes.

Even though all Ohio voters have had the same early voting right.....Republican officials, looking to game the election in any way they can, did the math.....saw that cutting back on early voting would diminish the black (urban) vote....and proceeded to cutback on early voting.

Voter ID laws.....the wholesale purging of voter rolls.....and cutting back on or eliminating early voting.....are all efforts being carried out only by Republican leaders to suppress likely-Democratic votes from being cast. This conspiracy by Republicans is criminal.....and a transparently clear effort to rig the outcome of a general election.

Franklin County GOP chair, Doug Preisse let the cat out of the bag.....cutting down on early voting in Ohio, just before election to stop Ohio's African American voters from voting....period.




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