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Straight Talk Torture

By The Reverend Published: March 3, 2008

This picture appears to portray Iraqi prisoners being treated with cruelty by their American captors. It only appears that way. Our president has told us repeatedly that America does not torture or commit acts of savage cruelty. So whatever is going on in the above picture, don't call it torture or savagery. Most likely it's a middle eastern version of our beloved "Smear the Queer." Muslim men kicking back and having some enhanced fun.

Mr. Bush is planning to veto a law that would require the C.I.A. and all the intelligence services to abide by the restrictions on holding and interrogating prisoners contained in the United States Army Field Manual. Mr. Bush says the Army rules are too restrictive. Link

Senator John McCain’s vote last week against a bill to curtail the Central Intelligence Agency’s use of harsh interrogation tactics disappointed human rights advocates who consider him an ally and led Democrats to charge that he was trying to please Republicans as he seeks to rally them around his presidential bid.The bill, which the Senate passed Wednesday by 51 to 45, would force the C.I.A. to abide by the rules set out in the Army Field Manual on Interrogation, which prohibits physical force and lists approved interrogation methods. Link

What are some of these tactics that this wildly popular current president and the straight talking GOP presidential wannabe hope to continue to use as "tools" in the Long War against a few thousand stateless barbarians? What are some of the "tactics" about which the anti-American Defeatocrats are constantly whining? What nation-saving "enhanced interrogation techniques" would 51 traitorous Senators vote against?

--Forcing a prisoner to be naked, perform sexual acts or pose in a sexual manner.

-- Placing hoods or sacks over the head of a prisoner, and using duct tape over the eyes.

-- Applying beatings, electric shocks, burns or other forms of physical pain.

-- Waterboarding.

-- Using military working dogs.

-- Inducing hypothermia or heat injury.

-- Conducting mock executions.

-- Depriving a prisoner of necessary food, water or medical care.

The current GOP president and the new would-be GOP president do not want to "tie the hands" of our high-ethics loving intelligence agencies by forbidding the BoyScout campfire activities listed above. Both Bush and McCain want CIA and other intelligence officials to have flexibility on what "tactics" they can use against our savage enemies. These two super-patriots resolutely refuse to waffle in our fight for our freedoms, one of which, apparently, is the freedom to act savagely against a savage enemy.

To those who would suggest that using savagery would bring America down to the same level as the "terrorists"....I ask....would you rather be savage or dead? When put that way, the same way the question,....would you rather have freedoms or be dead? asked, it all seems clear, doesn't it? Pretty much just about anything you put up versus "being dead" would be preferred. "Give me liberty or give me death" is just so pre-9-11. Whoever said it didn't live in the time of the Greatest Threat To Human History Ever. I'll tell you that much.

John McCain, tortured by his captors while a prisoner of war during the Vietnam quagmire, now joins in with the other patriotic Republicans, during another quagmire, and in a gallant display of brave solidarity, for a group hug with Mr. 19% over savagery. Needless to say, this could in no way be construed as McCain simply pandering to the far right warriors of neo-con land.....because you know, McCain is Mr. Straight Talk. America doesn't torture and John McCain doesn't pander for votes. Ask Pastor John Hagee.

McCain seemed to be against torture and against agents of intolerance until he needed the support and votes of those resolute and brave Americans who are for savagery and intolerance. Then, it seemed, McCain became for what he had previously been against. You see why the true conservatives were hesitant for awhile about supporting The Maverick? At first, McCain appeared was confusing. That's all cleared up now.

All this, naturally, will never be reported as flip-flopping or pandering by the same media who outed that liberal flip-flopping coward, John Kerry, in 2004. When John McCain seems to flip flop in any embarassing way, the media isn't fooled by leftist complaints suggesting that McCain is pandering or reversing previously staunchly held policy positions. No, no.... main media stars are sharp and uncompromising in their never-ending pursuit of truth. It's hard to slip one by these eagle eyed truth seekers. For example, these swell media heroes would recognize in my picture above, and recognize right away, that whatever that pile of pick-up-humans is, it isn't torture or a demonstration of American savagery. Maybe a frat-house prank, maybe, but nothing more.

People like Tim Russert and Chris Matthews, two standouts in a very deeply talented and patriotic main media, are way too wise to conclude that John McCain is anything other than what the media has said he has been all these years. McCain couldn't be pandering for votes by flip-flopping on torture or on agents of intolerance. That would be impossible. The experienced media all-stars KNOW that McCain is a Straight Talker who never wavers. Any suggestion otherwise would imply that the media has just been making stuff up. They certainly wouldn't do anything like that.

No, as Glenn Greenwald continues scathingly and accurately to write, McCain's being for torture now, for agents of intolerance now, will all be seamlessly woven by that "liberal" main media, somehow, into two more examples of how McCain is a Straight Talker.

I suppose the Knee Pad wearers can compare John McCain with Jack Bauer, another media-created character who resorts to the "tools" of torture and "wins", saving America yet again, after many commercial breaks of course. After all, there's really no difference in the Keifer Sutherland teevee fiction when compared to the McCain political "surge is working" fiction. Patriotism doesn't have to be non-fiction anymore to be believed in and shared loudly. Everything has changed.

Maybe the Very Serious, Wise, Experienced, and Highly Knowledgable reporters and journalists can whip up a great case for religious agents of intolerance and show how intolerance and savagery are, after all, truly American, and rooted in our valiant genocidal Amerian Indian era and those proud, yet kinder and gentler, slavery years.

Something from the Padders along the lines of, 'America embraced intolerance, genocide and savagery long before we embraced apple pie, Chevrolets and the Super Bowl.' Who could argue with such experienced and sound analysis? Especially so after these same experienced and serious reporters have been vindicated by all their bullseye accurate accounts running up to quagmire Iraq.

Perhaps those serious veteran reporters, like Howard Kurtz(CNN-Ass) and Tim Russert(NBC-Hole), drawing from their deep wells of integrity, character, and fairness, can eduate the American public during the general election campaign about our country's long love affair with savagery and intolerance and our patriotic embrace for denying equal rights to those who are, you know, not white, heterosexual men. Perhaps a four part series will be in the offing. Perhaps entitled: "American Exceptionalism, Knowing When To Act Savagely", Blackwater could sponsor.

I have a few ideas to help Mr. McCain and his Straight Something Knee Pad admirers. I would recommend hiring some sh*tkickers from Texas or Kentucky to gather up all the CD's and DVD's that patriotic communications companies, like Clear Channel, deem to be of questionable anti-torture and anti-intolerance bias. Invite Kurtz to witness and report, objectively as is his uncompromising practice, on how redneck Monster Trucks patriotically smash questionable anti-Homeland material, on why patriotic Americans object to other not-so-patriotic Americans who can't or won't embrace America's intolerance and torture based roots. The big tires, alone, will clinch the good-ole-boy vote. I know it has been tried before, but hey, so has waterboarding.

In addition. Timmy Russert surely can catch Barack Obama in a gotcha moment over these issues on his "Pressing That Meat" program. Timmy's show could be elevated to a new state of riveting patriotic drama, what with Russert asking Obama why he insists on embracing the anti-American sentiment of those on the left who won't support torture and intolerance.

I can hear the scary Pumpkin Head now....

'Why Barack? Why do you insist on being tolerant when America has a long intolerant history most Americans are proud of? Are you saying America's past is suspect?'

'Critics have pointed out that your wife has made what some call America hating comments, something about not being proud of America....will you add to the nation's doubts about where your families' loyalties lie by insisting on your stubborn denouncing and rejecting of America's long and sucessful history of intolerance and the use of savagery?'

'Let me ask it another way, Senator Obama, by rejecting cruelty and intolerance aren't you proving your critics to be correct when they say you have a problem with patriotism?'

'Why, candidate Obama, why do you insist on coddling our enemies when you know your political party has such a weakling, anti-American reputation and a host of lost elections to prove it?'

Riveting is what it all will be.

Ratings will skyrocket. Media awards will be announced.

Knee Pads will be worn out.



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