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Straight Talk Torture

By The Reverend Published: April 16, 2008

Politicians say one thing and then do another. That's why Americans distrust them.

George W. Bush has said repeatedly "America doesn't torture", but as we now know from the Principals meeting approved by the president, America does torture. Not only do we torture, but the highest officers in the United States government systematically planned and approved that torture. That makes the Principals and the Decider who decided to approve the plan.....war criminals...but that's not really news.

What about the Straight Talker? How does John McCain regard torture? Is he for it or against it? Would he order torture to be done if he were Commander in Chief? In this video clip from last night's MSNBC College Tour, it would seem that Mr. Straight Talk would never order torture to be carried out.....but then John McCain is a politician....

Last night John McCain said America should "not do things our enemies do" cruelly torturing detainees. The reasons Mr. Straight Talk gave were: 1) It aids in the recruitment of new Islamic extremists, and 2) it isn't compatible with who we want to be as a country.

If this is true. If McCain was being truthful last night......then why did he say and do the following......

February, 2008:

Senator John McCain’s vote last week against a bill to curtail the Central Intelligence Agency’s use of harsh interrogation tactics disappointed human rights advocates who consider him an ally and led Democrats to charge that he was trying to please Republicans as he seeks to rally them around his presidential bid.

The bill, which the Senate passed Wednesday by 51 to 45, would force the C.I.A. to abide by the rules set out in the Army Field Manual on Interrogation, which prohibits physical force and lists approved interrogation methods.

Mr. McCain, of Arizona, said he believed it would be a mistake to limit C.I.A. interrogators to using only those techniques that were enumerated in the Field Manual, which he noted was a public document. Link

On the Military Commissions Act from October, 2006:

“And at the same time, I think you do understand that there are some people who are very, very bad people, and I think that to continue a program for some of them, without torture, is something that we can't deprive the President of the United States of." Link

Ironically, McCain's comment about not "depriving" the president of the tool of torture was stated at MSNBC's 2006 College Tour.

So which is it? Is John McCain against America's use of torture entirely, or is John McCain simply a waffling politician who will say anything to get elected and what he really believes is that the presidency should never be "deprived' of the use of torture in certain cases? The presidency that he is, in fact, seeking.

Saying one thing and doing another. Even on such a despicable thing as torture. But there it is.

John McCain can not be trusted when it comes to the topic of torture, no matter what he says. His actions are all that matter. In 2006, John McCain helped George W. Bush pass a bill allowing for torture if ordered by the president and at his discretion. In 2008 he voted against a bill declaring waterboarding a form of torture.

The Knee Pad Media will avoid this obvious contradiction, you know, because they get to sit on John McCain's bus and eat doughnuts with the Straight Talker.

The Reverend doesn't like doughnuts.



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