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Strange Epidemic of Amnesia

By The Reverend Published: September 20, 2010

Immediately following President Obama's inauguration, Village media began a predicable campaign to help put Republicans back into power. In early 2009, CNBC's Rick Santelli, former bond trader-turned teevee bond trading analyst.....speaking, as it were, for the "average" American,....faux-ranted according to a carefully choreographed script....and the national Tea Party astroturf movement was born.

The Taxed Enough Already "grassroots" movement, whose members were enjoying the lowest tax rates in recent American history, and which was being financed by the ususal-suspect Republican Party financiers, was, nevertheless, a new shiny object with which Village media could hypnotize uninformed Americans. Anti-Obama voters quickly succumbed to the Village spell. Their anti-Obama anger had found an outlet.

After only six weeks of a new Democratic president, and fresh off of a 6-out-of-8-year Republican rule in D.C. which produced a doubling of the national debt and endless Enron-style, off-balance-sheet coverups of huge yearly federal deficits......Village-led Tea Partyers decided that RIGHT THEN, 6 weeks into a new Democratic president's term, was the pivotal time to worry, worry, worry about fiscal responsibility. At the exact time that a laissez-faire built economy had exploded into a 700,000 per month loss of American jobs.

Here's Bruce Bartlett..., a lifelong Republican who worked for G.H.W. Bush, reminding those suffering from a severe case of political amnesia today, about what happened in the far away, olden days of 2003....

Recall the situation in 2003. The Bush administration was already projecting the largest deficit in American history--$475 billion in fiscal year 2004, according to the July 2003 mid-session budget review. But a big election was coming up that Bush and his party were desperately fearful of losing. So they decided to win it by buying the votes of America's seniors by giving them an expensive new program to pay for their prescription drugs.

Breathtaking, isn't it? Like some kind of projectionistic deja-vu.

Like now, the U.S. deficit had reached historic levels in 2003.....and like now, there was an important election looming. However, unike the present, fiscally responsible ranters in Village media were mysteriously silent. Pandering GOP politicos were mute about adding another $700 billion to the debt. The words "fiscally responsible" never heard. Today's Tea Partyers slumbered.

Those Republican deficit hawks never flew in 2003..... BECAUSE, like now, there was an important election pending, one which GOP'ers hoped could be bought by throwing senior voters a very fiscally irresponsible bone.

Talk, of course, is cheap. In today's age of Twittering and Facebooking Tea Party talk is on sale. Cheap talk is being BOGO'ed by conservative candidates.

The Reverend, however, never succumbed to the strange, debilitating malady that 2010 conservatives are suffering from....amnesia.

The Medicare Plan D vote saw 195 Republican House members in favor and only 25 opposed. In the Senate, 42 of 54 yes votes came from Republicans with only 8 GOP Senators voting no.

Medicare Plan D was unpaid for, some $700 billion in projected costs simply added to the national charge card,....nevertheless, the same political party players who are telling us today that fiscal responsibility is what the 2010 midterms are all about.....didn't say sh*t about such a display of Republican fiscal irresponsibility in 2003.

No Rick Santelli Town Hall Bustups....not one freaking Tea Party.

Contrast that 2003 showcase of Republican fiscal responsibility with the 2009 Republican vote against health care reform, a piece of legislation which is entirely paid for and which the CBO confirmed would actually lower the national debt.

Not even one Republican voted in favor.

What accounts for what looks to be a brazenly, hypocritical flip-flop on behalf of so many of today's self-proclaimed, fiscally responsible Republicans?

Another important election.

I have often said that Republicans will do anything to hold or gain political power. In 2003, that "anything" was passing an unfunded, national debt burgeoning, senior vote-bribing piece of legislation. The very Webster definition of fiscal irresponsibility.

In 2010, that "anything", astonishingly, is that Republican candidates are the candidates of fiscal responsibility, the candidates that American voters should put back into the Congressional majority in order to restore fiscal sanity.

Thus, my title today......I always allow for the hypocrisy, and I've learned to overlook the ignorance.....but what I didn't the national epidemic of amnesia.



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