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Strongsville, Ohio Wingnuts

By The Reverend Published: October 9, 2008

Year after year of "journalism" refusing to acknowledge truth, and instead, opting to encourage two 'he-said he-said' simultaneous yet contradictory streams of matter what the story.....has produced this.....

These are fellow Ohioans just up the road a piece. Embarassing, isn't it?

Hope all those media members responsible for this mutant Strongsville showing are pleased with the results.

Those in this video, obviously totally ignorant to reality, didn't learn this mutant material on their own. Where was it all learned? FOX NEWS, the most popular disseminator of teevee lies and hate in America, and RUSH LIMBAUGH, the most popular disseminator of radio lies and hate in America are the primary teachers.

After Tuesday night's "debate", all teevee networks reported that, according to their viewers, Obama had bested McCain by double digit margins. FOX had it 85%-15% McCAIN. That is a good indicator of what has gone wrong in America.

Actual, you know, reality, is that Barack Obama is an exceptional candidate who has run an exceptional campaign, demonstrated leadership and calmness under fire, and has now taken a 10% lead in national polling.

Faith-basers and FOX viewers say Barack Obama is a terrorist, a one person 'sleeper cell.'

Enough said.



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