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Stubbornly Push, Push, Pushing

By The Reverend Published: March 5, 2011

"We're going to push and push and push until some larger force makes us stop," Addington said.....

That's what David Addington, Dick Cheney's former chief of staff told Jack Goldsmith, head of the DOJ's Office of Legal Counsel, when the two men clashed over the power of the "unitary executive". The power of then president, George W. Bush.

During the Bush years....."we're going to push....until some larger force makes us stop"....was the operative norm.

The Bushies pushed and pushed and pushed as they marketed their new Fall 2002 product line featuring the unnecessary and fraudulently ginned up military invasion of Iraq. That new Fall 2002 product line wound up killing 4500 U.S. soldiers and over 100,000 Iraqis.

But no question....the Bushies, as Addington had said.....pushed and pushed and pushed.....and no one stopped them. Democrats were too spineless to stop the Bushies. Media was complicit in the Bushies push and push plan. And liberals who organized protests and sounded the warning alarms.....well.....they were dirty f*cking anti-war hippies who needed drug testing and special counseling.

My point in raising the Addington theme.....a theme which says, basically, we'll do whateverthehell we want to do, and we won't stop doing whateverthehell we want to do until some more powerful entity stops us.....has now become the Republican Party blueprint.

Take Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. He has followed Addington's motto to a tee. He's pushed and pushed and pushed and he isn't backing down.....isn't stopping, until some larger force makes him stop. Addington's political bullying, as it were, played out in the undisclosed locations and shadows of Dick Cheney's reign over America during the 00's, but it was all kept as hush-hush as possible. Dick realized that Americans wouldn't go for his neo-conservative, empire-expanding plan for the middle he and his druids worked in the shadows.

But Scott Walker's ridgid defiance is no match for the dark cynicism seen in the pulseless Cheney-Addington-Libby group. Walker has made the mistake of thinking he can air his conservative movement, union-busting laundry....push, push, push...... in public.

Big mistake.

As I've been documenting the last couple weeks, public opinion has moved radically against Walker's attempt to eliminate collective bargaining rights for state union employees.

Rasmussen, universally recognized as a conservative-leaning polling outfit, has released it's most recent Wisconsin polling data.....

Overall, including those who somewhat approve or disapprove, the new Republican governor earns positive reviews from 43% and negative reviews from 57% of voters statewide.

Looks like someone is pushing back.

Look at who else might be pushing back.....

Conservatives in Wisconsin are getting nervous that three Republican state senators may defect on the collective-bargaining reform vote. It’s still anyone’s guess as to when that vote will take place because Democrats remain in exile to prevent the necessary quorum. But Republicans in the Senate hold a 19-14 majority, so GOP Gov. Scott Walker can afford to lose no more than two Republican senators on this pivotal vote.


NBC News reports four moderate Republicans are wavering and could break with the GOP and vote against walker’s budget repair bill. Democrats only need three republicans to join them in voting “no” to give them a simple 17 to 16 majority… In a statement, Democratic Senator Kathleen Vinehout of Alma says that Senate Democrats offered to vote on the bill if only fiscal matters were considered.

My take is that Wisconsinites are not necessarily infatuated with state unions but, instead, turned off at Walker's "Addington" mindset being played out over collective bargaining rights. Voters, I think, see Walker's unwillingness to a negative. They see his push, push, push for what it really is.....being unreasonable. Wisconsinites see union workers more than willing to negotiate and compromise....yet they see the unflinching Walker unwilling to budge even one centimeter.

It's yet to be seen whether Walker, like Cheney's boyz did, will get what they want through push, push, pushing...or whether a "larger force" comprised of disillusioned voters and, perhaps, a few Republican crossover senators, will stop the Tea Party governor.



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