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Stupid Is As Stupid Does

By The Reverend Published: September 25, 2007


By now you've probably heard about the Iranian president's visit to Columbia University. But did you know about the warnings from New York politicians.....warnings directed towards Columbia U.?

In an interview with The New York Sun, the speaker of the (New York)Assembly, Sheldon Silver, said lawmakers, outraged over Columbia's insistence on allowing the Iranian president to speak at its World Leaders Forum, would consider reducing capital aid and other financial assistance to the school.


"There are issues that Columbia may have before us that obviously this cavalier attitude would be something that people would recall," Mr. Silver said. "Obviously, there's some degree of capital support that has been provided to Columbia in the past. These are things people might take a different view of... knowing that this is that kind of an institution."


"It's not going to go away just because this episode ends. Columbia University has to know... that they will be penalized," an assemblyman of Brooklyn, Dov Hikind, who also attended the rally, said. The lawmaker said Mr. Ahmadinejad should be arrested when he sets foot on campus.

"Bollinger made a big mistake, and there should be consequences for him for making that decision," the chairman of the New York City Council's Finance Committee, David Weprin, said in an interview. "We should look at everything involving Columbia, whether it be capital projects, city and state, or other related things that we do in the city for them," he said. Link

What is that line in the Star Spangled Banner........isn't it, "Over the land of the free...and the home of the brave?"

Not only are these New York politicians pandering for Jewish votes by spouting threats against Columbia University for having the audacity to host Ahmadinejab and (gasp) allow him to speak....but also these politicians are demonstrating to the world that America, their America at least, is not truly free nor brave.

This silly and childlike bitching directed threateningly towards the university reminds me of the bashing of the Dixie Chicks by the wingnut conspiracy after they dared to exercise their Constitutional rights. Ignorant sh*kickers drove their pick-em-up trucks over the Chicks CD's in protest of free speech. All meant as an opening salvo of financial ruin awaiting any other prominent Bush dissenters.

Why would any American be so threatened, or offended, by the person or words of a relatively minor world player, that they would threaten the world class institution who invited him to speak? Threaten to punish that university, financially, for exercising their freedom to pursue truth. And all this over words. All this because of seeking to hear WORDS from a controversial middle eastern leader.

Has the entire nation come down with Dick Cheney disease? Have Bush, the Dick and Karl been so successful in spreading division, hate and fear, that now all American political leaders have become nothing but paranoid, anti-American bedwetters?

Are we truly afraid of free speech? Have we now come to the point in the clutches of fear that even words scare us? Are American politicans so ignorant that they would actually bolster the Iranian leader's stature in his homeland by raising such a fuss about his U.S. visit?

Stupid, stupid people.



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