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"Success" Texas-Style

By The Reverend Published: March 10, 2014

Texas Gov. Rick Perry kicked off the (Friday) morning festivities with a bang, in an animated speech where he called for a “rebellion on the battlefield of ideas.”

“That is why we must elect the right kind of leaders,” Perry said to a cheering crowd that gave him a one-minute standing ovation. “Leaders who believe in free markets.”

Like Christie on Thursday, the Texas governor stressed the economic accomplishments of America's conservative governors.

That is something we have heard repeated.....repeatedly. From Ohio's John Kasich to Wisconsin's Scott Walker....from Louisiana's Bobby Jindal to Texas' Rick Perry. As the Republican meme goes, Americans must look for our future national leaders to boot strapping Republican governors who are, by god, getting it done.

Besides the anti-union environments, the anti-public schools initiatives and the numerous anti-voting efforts in the states represented by those four GOP governors.....the one common theme which is most often touted as essential for "economic growth" low taxes.

Remember Gov. Rick Perry's ad campaign to lure California businesses to Texas? Alleged-to-be higher taxes in California was the hook.

Now there is some truth to the claim that Texas has experienced what is called "growth." However, as this piece illustrates, most of this alleged Texas growth is attributable to the 24% increase in the state's population over the last 13 years and the state's rejuvenated energy industry. With crude at over $100 a barrel, Texas oilmen, you know, are incentivized.

And while Texas is creating jobs, it is also a fact that those jobs are not much to brag about.....“Texas has more minimum-wage jobs than any other state, and only Mississippi exceeds it with the most minimum-wage workers per capita.” Texas is falling behind various states in terms of per capita income.

Republican governors often point to "lower taxes" as their greatest "economic accomplishment". I've heard Perry, Kasich and Walker boast about how proud they are of their greatest accomplishments during a terrible jobs recession.....that of lowering taxes in their respective states.

And that brings us to what may come as a surprise to many conservatives and Republicans.

If you’re not rich, Texas is not actually a low-tax state. In fact, most Texans pay more taxes than most Californians.

Commie rhetoric? Wild-eyed liberal horseshite?

Thanks to sales and property taxes, Texas is among the states with the ten most regressive tax systems. Texans in the bottom 60 percent of income distribution all pay higher effective tax rates than their Californian counterparts. Texas’ top one-percent are the ones enjoying the supposed low-tax utopia, paying an effective rate of 3.2 percent. The rate for the lowest 20 percent is 12.6 percent.

Click here to see the evidence in chart form.

Those are the kind of "economic accomplishments" Republicans would like to bring more of to the entire country. Personally, I'm not much interested in "accomplishments" like that.

But I do think those Texas numbers inform us about what Republican presidential hopefuls mean when they talk of "success" and "growth." They mean....moving tax responsibilities away from the rich and placing them more and more on the not-rich. They mean.....higher per capita minimum wage jobs.

Someone, explain to me.....why would we want the Texas model superimposed on the entire nation's economy? Why would we want not-rich U.S. citizens paying higher effective tax rates than billionaires? Isn't that the direction our nation's conservative economic policies have been driving us these past 30 or so years? And what have been the results? Highest income and wealth disparity gaps...ever....and fewer good paying jobs

Texas is a wonderful and attractive state to live in, more appealing than other states.....if you happen to be wealthy. If you're an average working stiff.....not so much.

That's not something to boast about.....that's something which voters in November must reject.



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