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"Suffer The Little Children...."....Literally

By The Reverend Published: October 18, 2007


President Bush’s preferred policy is to provide families with tax deductions to help pay for private insurance. Responsible economists estimate that such an approach would do far less to enroll uninsured children than would the proposed expansion of S-chip. The president’s own budget proposal for maintaining the current S-chip program is so stingy that it would not even cover the number of children currently enrolled — and would probably increase the number of children forced to go without health coverage by hundreds of thousands. Link

In August 2005, George W. Bush had an opportunity to veto another subsidy bill that reeked of socialistic tendencies. The total subsidy was $11.5 billion. That bill put America on the same slippery slope of socialism that Bush warned against when he vetoed the S-CHIP program increase, thus denying health coverage to 5.8 million children. George signed the $11.5 billion subsidy program into law.

That subsidy amounted to one third of what the S-CHIP bill asked for. That subsidy amount would have put approximately 2 million more children on health coverage rolls. That subsidy was not vetoed.....the S-CHIP subsidy was.

Who received that $11.5 billion "socialistic" subsidy which Bush refused to veto?

Energy corporations.



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